Boiler Maintenance

That time of the year is approaching where the weather is starting to get colder, and it’s time to worry about your boiler! With regular maintenance, you can save yourself a ton of money and headache.  Boiler’s are very efficient and are known for their efficiency and reliability but only with the proper maintenance.  There are important steps to keep in mind when maintaining your boiler. They are:


  • Examine the Vent/Chimney- Make sure there are no leaks and they are functioning properly. Make sure that there are no holes or broken connections along the chimney. Just by looking at this once or twice a year, it can prevent a hazardous situation.
  • Examine the Heat Exchanger- If you’re have a leak, a lot of the time it could come from the heat exchanger. If there is a lot of water around the heat exchanger, there’s probably a good chance that you will have to replace it or the boiler.
  • Flush out the Boiler- Because of the buildup of debris, you want to make sure that you flush out your boiler on a regular basis.
  • You can flush out your boiler by opening the valves on the radiators and connectors to let air into the system. Then you turn off the power and the water supply to make sure you can flush your system. Connect a garden hose to the drain cock of the boiler and attach it to a bucket or something to flush out the excess water and debris. Then you go back and open the vent valves on the radiator to let air back in and then turn on water supply and the water will begin flushing though your system
  • You want to also lubricate the circulating pump. By lubricating this pump once a year, it will allow it to function properly and the circulating pump is necessary for moving the water around the system



If you have performed all the proper maintenance for your boiler, and there is still something wrong with it then it is time to call P.A.C. Sometimes no matter how much you maintain your system there could be a larger problem internally that you just aren’t seeing. There could also be a problem with the boiler settings which you may not know how to fix. Any issues or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call P.A.C.! We will send one of our expert techs to take care of any plumbing issues that you may be having.