End of Summer Air Conditioning Tips

The summer is sadly coming to an end! We had some extremely hot temperatures throughout the summer. Your Air Conditioning system was running all day and night throughout the scorching summer! Now that the weather is cooling down there are some things you can do for your AC system in order to reduce the usage and extend the life of your unit.


Keep your AC Temperature Down – You shouldn’t have to use your AC system now like you did earlier in the summer. With the temperature outside lowering, lower the temperature on your thermostat in order to save energy and not overwork the unit.

Change your filter – Paul reminded you this week to be continuously changing your filters! Replace your old filter for better performance and efficiency for your unit.

Clean the condenser – A lot of times through the summer, the condenser will pile up debris near the unit and dirt and this can cause the unit to not run correctly. If your unit is constantly full of dirt and debris, this can restrict airflow and cause issues with it.

Maintenance Check -Your unit was working very hard during these extreme temperatures. Call Paul and have an Expert come out take a look at your unit to make sure everything is working correctly.


You don’t want to wait till the beginning of next summer when you need your AC right away!


Call Paul today for a maintenance check and assure your family’ comfort before next summer’s heat wave.

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