How to know when you have a Freon leak

When it comes to Air Conditioning units, you should never have a Freon leak.  Below are the symptoms that when untreated, can cause major damage to your air conditioning system.

Some of these signs include:

  • Desired Temperature is Not Satisfied- Is your unit blowing out cold air? Check your unit and the vents to make sure it is blowing out the right temperature. If it is blowing out hot air, then chances are you are having a leak. Anytime your unit is not blowing out cold air, then you must call a technician immediately because you can have a serious problem with your unit.
  • Hissing Noise- When your unit is low on Freon you will hear a noise coming from it. Research shows that it is similar to a hissing sound when it is leaking Freon. If you are hearing this, call the experts at P.A.C. and we will take care of it, right away!
  • Frozen Coils –When there is not enough Freon in the system, the coils cannot absorb as much heat as they normally would. This can cause a condensation buildup and could freeze the coils which will eventually lead to your air conditioning system completely breaking down.
  • Run Cycle- If your air conditioning is taking a long time to run and reach a certain temperature, the unit will take a long time to run and this could be a sign of a possible leak.
  • Higher energy bills – If you noticed an increase in your utility bill, it could be a sign of a possible leak in your air conditioning system because the unit is running longer and taking longer to get cooler. Research shows that some people with possible leaks have had their energy bill increased as almost 40 percent!

Having a Freon leak is not something to take lightly. It can completely ruin your system if you don’t take the proper steps in maintaining it. If you notice any of the above changes occurring then you need to call a technician immediately!! By technician, I mean you should contact P.A.C.!!