How to Easily and Effectively Remove Hard Water Stains

The only thing worse than dealing with hard water issues is dealing with an unreliable plumbing company. While many plumbers do their best to keep their cleaning solutions secret, there are still plenty of DIY solutions you can enjoy in your home.

While you may not know what hard water is, you do know what it does to your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Whether it’s that ugly ring around your bathtub or those small stains on your faucets, getting rid of these stains can be a challenge.

Because they’re full of minerals, your standard house cleaner won’t get the job done. Luckily, we have the inside scoop on the best ways to get rid of hard water stains, and can have your home looking sparkling and new in no time!

What is Hard Water?

hardwaterHard water is essentially a water supply that’s contaminated by minerals. While the word contaminated can strike fear in most homeowners, it’s not the most dangerous thing you can come in contact within your home.

These minerals can make water cloudy, foul-smelling, and damaging to your plumbing system. Additionally, you may notice the impact it can have on your skin and hair, drying it out and sometimes even irritating it.

Hard water is naturally occurring and usually is a problem for homeowners that pull their water supply from a well or do not have a filtration plant that water is processed through. While issues can start small, they can eventually escalate into large-scale emergencies if left unchecked.

Cleaning Stains: Yes, You Can!

You can clean out rigid stains on porcelain, glass or marble surfaces without much trouble. Our methods are proven effective and are also completely safe on your plumbing.

Some of the simplest solutions to hard water stains include:

  • cleaningstainsFor glass – acidic cleaner
  • For tiles – vinegar
  • For stains in washrooms – multi-purpose cleaner
  • For cars – a combination of white vinegar and soft or distilled water
  • For marble – a marble cleaner and towel

Generally, you want to use an abrasive cleaner that can break down the minerals found in hard water. This is often something along the lines of an acidic cleaner or a vinegar-based mixture. The simplest fix is mixing equal parts water and soap with a splash of vinegar to break down light staining on faucets and mirrors.

Water Softener: What Can be Done?

watersoftenerThere’s no shame in getting preventive measures from your local plumbers. In many cases, it’s the smartest investment you can make for your home. The easiest way to stop hard water issues is with the installation of a water softener.

These devices filter all your water through a salt-based filtration system. As the water comes in contact with the sale beads, the minerals are broken down, leaving you with “soft,” water that’s safe on your pipes and never leans stains on your fixtures.

If you’re looking for help keeping your plumbing clean, our plumbers at PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air are here to help. Call us at (718) 720-4980 and learn more about water softeners and how they can help your home stay clean.