Just how safe is your Dryer Vent?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, close to 17,000 fires are caused each year by dryer vent fires. The leading cause of these fires POOR INSTALLATION and dusty LINT FILLED exhaust piping. These are the best things to look for when checking the safety of your dryer vent.

  • First, locate your dryer vent off the back of your dryer vent and follow that pipe to the outside vent termination. (Call us if you don't know where your dryer vent is and need help locating)
  • Be sure your Vent piping does not have any holes and is properly secured together at the joints.
  • Your Vent should be either hard piped, or have a hard flexible aluminum flex. If your vent piping feels soft or paper like, do yourself a favor and call us right away.
  • The Opening or Termination (shown in picture above) of the Dryer Vent should be free of debris and the Termination Louver should be free flowing. You should see the louver open when the dryer is on and closed when the dryer is off.
  • Additionally, the vent opening/termination should be located in a place that will not create a fire or health hazard. Remember, the dryer vent carries CARBON MONOXIDE which, can be harmful and even fatal to humans and pets alike.
In order to make sure your Dryer Vent is SAFE, Call Paul today and we will have our Gas Certified Experts Inspect your Dryer Vent in compliance with the latest Codes. Live a SAFE and COMFORTABLE LIFE today and every day!


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