Locating your Main Shut Off Valve

Let’s face it, emergencies happen.  Frozen pipes and leaks are common among older homes and the damage could be very costly to fix.  Knowing where your shut off valves are now is important to minimize damage if you were to spring a leak.  Pictured above is a water meter with shut off valves before and after the meter.

Your main shut off valve for your water supply is located before your water meter as shown in the picture above.  To shut it off, turn the valve a quarter turn so the valve handle is in the opposite direction of the piping.

In older homes, your main shut off valve is most likely a gate valve, such as the ones pictured above.  To shut this valve off you would turn the handle clockwise until tight.  Your water is now turned off in your entire home.  If you want more information locating your shut off valve give us a call at 718-720-4980.