Prepare the Boiler for Chilly Weather This Year!

Stay Warm with Properly Functioning Boilers!

Temperatures are dropping precipitously. As a result, many homeowners will hope that their homes can keep them warm through the cold winters. One critical component of ensuring a heated house is to be sure that the boiler is functioning properly.

Boilers play a critical role in distributing heat throughout the home, so now is a great time for homeowners to invest in a professional boiler service to ensure that the boiler is in tip-top shape. Not everyone, however, is totally familiar with their boilers. Continue reading for a thorough overview of boilers and how homeowners can deal with them!

Boiler Heating Has Many Benefits

Let’s begin with the basics about boilers: how do they actually work? The most simple explanation is that a boiler acts to heat cooler water. It does so through a fuel source that lies inside the boiler, which transfers heat into the water. Boilers can also function to generate steam, which may also be used to heat the home.

Boilers, of course, are just one way to heat the home. There are other ways to do so, including furnaces and heat pumps. Furnaces burn actual fuel to achieve a heating effect. Heat pumps are a bit more complex and transfer thermal energy using refrigeration cycling. There are nuances to these as well, depending on whether they are gas-driven, electric, etc. The point is that boilers are not the only method of heating the home, but they are certainly a great option!

Signs of Boiler Problemsboiler

Homeowners should be on the lookout for signs of potential boiler problems so that they can hire a boiler repair service to replace their boiler if needed. Some common signs include:
  • Abnormal sounds
  • Communication issues with the thermostat
  • Flickering pilot light
  • Leaking
  • No heat or hot water
  • Pressure issues

If homeowners notice any of these issues, they should call for professional help right away. Experts will run diagnostics to determine the issue, as they will have years of experience dealing with faulty boilers. Depending on the severity of the problems, homeowners may need a new boiler installation.

Take Steps to Optimize Boiler Efficiencyletters

At the end of the day, the best thing homeowners can do to prepare their boilers to function properly through the winter is to be persistent with their boiler maintenance to optimize boiler efficiency. Scheduling regular professional maintenance checks is a must, for one.

In addition to this, homeowners can take other preventative measures such as:

  • “Bleeding” the radiators annually
  • Checking the boiler flame (should be blue) and ventilation
  • Checking the boiler pressure
  • Examining surrounding pipes for leaks
  • Monitoring the radiators to ensure balance and avoid issues

Doing even just a few of these things on a regular basis can make a huge difference in extending the longevity of the boiler systems!

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