What Causes Pipe Bursts, and How Can They Be Avoided?

This Winter, Help Stop Burst Pipes

Homeowners can take preventive measures to avoid frozen pipes and other common causes of burst pipes this winter. A burst pipe can cause costly water damage and significantly interrupt daily life, so it's better to try and prevent it than deal with the consequences. The following are some of the most common causes of burst pipes and some tips to avoid them. 

Pipes Freezing

freezingFrozen pipes create a very real threat of bursting. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water inside the line can form into ice and cause pressure to build up inside it. This pressure can be too much for the pipe, causing it to crack or burst open. Additionally, if water is left running in a frozen pipe, it will continue to expand and cause even more pressure. 

Fortunately, homeowners can help prevent frozen pipes with a few simple steps. Insulating exposed pipes is an effective way to keep them from freezing in cold weather. Wrapping them in insulation materials such as fiberglass or foam rubber will help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the pipe and protect it from extreme cold. Additionally, it's important to keep the temperature in a home consistent and close all windows or doors that could be letting in cold drafts.

Corrosion and Deterioration

corrosionCorrosion, unlike frozen pipes, is not limited to cold weather. When corrosion or decay occurs on the inside of a line, it becomes weakened and can no longer withstand the pressure from the water. This leads to a fracture in the pipe, which can cause a burst or leak. Corrosion and decay can also weaken the joints of a pipe, causing them to separate and leading to water leakage. 

This is a danger when chemical drain cleaners are used, as they often contain corrosive substances that can weaken pipes over time, so homeowners should avoid using them to avoid this risk. Instead, it's best to use non-chemical solutions such as boiling water to melt blockages or hire a professional for drain cleaning instead of using store-bought chemical drain cleaners. These precautions can help avoid costly repairs and plumbing emergencies caused by pipe bursts due to corrosion and decay.

Drain Clogs

Clogs are another major cause of pipe bursts. When a pipe becomes clogged, pressure can build up inside the line, and there may come the point when the pressure is so high that the pipe bursts. To avoid clogs, homeowners should avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down their toilets and avoid disposing of food, coffee grounds, and grease down their drains because they all can contribute to a nasty clog. 

Another important tip to prevent clogs is to get routine drain cleaning by a qualified plumber. Drain cleaning clears any clogs and thoroughly cleans and removes all debris from the pipes using a drain snake or a high-powered water jet used in hydro jetting. Drain cleaning can help homeowners avoid costly repairs and plumbing emergencies due to clogs and pipe bursts.

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