What You Should Know About Freon


A Guide to Freon and Your Air Conditioner

A working air conditioning unit is crucial during the summer, especially if you’re living somewhere nice and humid. A broken AC can be the difference between tolerable and on the brink of death. A common occurrence that can lead to your AC not working is leaking Freon. In this article, the purpose of Freon, what it is used for, and how you can prevent Freon leakage will be discussed.

The Purpose of Freon

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Freon is a low toxicity, nonflammable liquid used in air conditioning systems commonly known as refrigerant. While it is commonly used to refer to all refrigerant types, it is a certain brand of refrigerant that is popular among air conditioning unit makers.

It is relatively easy to fix a Freon leak. Kits containing a valve, a hose, and sealant can be found at general supply stores. To fix the leak, you turn off your air conditioning unit and attach the hose to the suction tube. You put the sealant in the hose and then turn the unit back on. The sealant will be sucked into your unit and will go seal the location of any leaks.

Signs You Need HVAC Services

Freon is responsible for making your air conditioning unit work. It acts as a cooling agent, which allows air that comes through the unit to become cooler before leaving the unit to go into a house or commercial building.

When the Freon is not working correctly or is leaking out of the air conditioning unit, the unit isn’t as effective and air doesn’t come out as cool. In extreme cases, the air doesn’t come out cold at all. Also, certain Freon brands are known to be bad for the environment, so liquid that leaks out could be contributing to bad air quality.

Why Is Freon Maintenance Important?



It is very important that regular maintenance is done both on your air conditioning unit as a whole as well as on your refrigerant. Problems in an air conditioning unit that are left alone usually lead to bigger air conditioning malfunctions, which can end up being really expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money on repairs, it is best to just do what maintenance you can.

You should change the air filters in your AC unit on a regular basis, usually every three months. This is because debris builds up on the filters over time and, if not properly dealt with, can put more stress on the machine to produce cold air, eventually leading the machine to break down. You should do a regular check of all of your unit systems to make sure that nothing has started malfunctioning. It is also a good idea to clean the unit once in a while so you can stop the buildup of debris in harder to see places.

For Freon needs, you can have your Freon refilled by a technician every so often so you don’t run out. To prevent any Freon leak problems, it is best to fix any system leak you see as soon as you see it.

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