Time To Say Goodbye to That Old Water Heater!

Three Signs That It’s Time for That Old Water Heater To Hit the Curb

If homeowners wonder when to say goodbye to their water heater, they only have to remember: “Nothing good lasts forever.'' However, if they’re looking for a more specific answer, they should consult the U.S. Department of Energy. The organization notes that most water heaters last 10 to 20 years; it depends on the heater itself.

It’s not just inconvenient to keep an old water heater around; it’s also cost-ineffective and, in some situations, dangerous. If a homeowner notices any of the following signs in their water heaters, they should consult a professional water heater service.

The Water Heater Is More Than 10 Years Old

Water heaters are generally considered “old” once they hit the 10-year mark. That is because parts can rust, pipes can weaken, and the power source can become less effective. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that, on average, tankless water heaters last about 20 years. That’s because:

      • They use less energy than traditional water heaters.
      • They’re designed in a way so they never run out of water.
      • They take up less space, demanding less work.

It’s also worth mentioning that electric water heaters last longer than gas water heaters because, with gas heaters, gas particles can eventually wear away at the system, and that is not an issue with electric heaters.

The Water Heater Is Chronically Leaking

Leaking water heaterThe first time a water heater leaks, it isn’t enjoyable. The second time it leaks, that annoyance turns into an inconvenience. Then, the third time it spreads, it’s time to consider water heater replacement.

If a water heater chronically leaks:

      • It could create black mold growth, which can affect homeowners’ health.
      • It could create an unusual spike in utility bills, especially the water bill.
      • It poses an electrical hazard (if the heater is electrical).

While a water heater installation expert can fix problems repeatedly, they’ll likely suggest a new unit after a while. An electrical tankless water heater will prove its value within days of installation. It’ll save water, energy, and best of all, money.

Technician fixing a water heater

The Water Heater Refuses To Work

One’s water heater has one job: heating water, end of the story. It might be time to consider a new heater, even if it works sometimes. A water heater doesn’t have to be completely broken to warrant replacement.

If a homeowner experiences any one of the following issues, they should consider getting a new unit:

      • The water heater only works for a few minutes at a time.
      • Homeowners notice that their dishes and clothes are still dirty after being washed.
      • There is a noticeable difference in water temperature and pressure.
      • Chronic puddles of water form around the water heater’s base.

Coldwater isn’t the only issue with water heaters. Sometimes, the water can become too hot. According to a document from New York State, a water heater should reach maximum temperatures of 110 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher than that is a scald hazard, and it could be a sign that a water heater’s unsafe.

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