3 Dirty Little Secret Habits to Save Money on Heating Bills

Create Habits to Save Money on Heating

The days may be getting shorter, but many homeowners have probably noticed an increase in their heating bills over the last few months. As temperatures drop and heaters or furnaces are being used more, it may seem inevitable, but it’s not. Read on for three tips from HVAC professionals for creating habits to help save money this winter by keeping the heating system efficient, and the heating bill down.

1. Ensure the Home is Airtight

make home air tightA small crack in a window or door can seem minor, but letting hot air escape and cold air in can take its toll on any heating system. Making the home airtight will ensure that the system doesn’t use more energy than it needs to in order to heat the house.

It also prevents the system from overworking itself, which could lead to more costly repairs down the road. Making the home airtight can be a quick weekend project. Assess exterior walls, especially those with windows and doors, to find places where the air is escaping.

Not sure which doors or windows might need work? If visible light is coming through, then air is definitely escaping there. Homeowners can also hold up their hand around the edges to feel for cold air coming through.

They should also check any recessed lighting that may connect with the attic area and even the insulation around electrical outlets. Once air leaks are determined, there are a few different ways to make the home airtight. Here are three ways to make the home airtight this weekend:

  1. Apply caulk or spray foam around windows or other exterior cracks. This is one of the most common ways for air to escape.
  2. Install foam weather strips around windows or doors.
  3. Place a draft guard at the bottom of exterior doors that have a gap at the ground.

Most home improvement stores will have all of these things available, as well as a professional to answer with any questions about how to install them.

2. Keep the Heating System Clean

Keeping the heating system clean is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it help avoid potential fire hazards, but it also increases the life of the system, and helps it run more efficiently. An efficient system gets the heat where it needs to go as quickly as possible and uses as little energy as possible to get it there, which will ultimately save money.

clean heating system

Additionally, keeping your system clean will go a long way to improving your air quality, which is always important for the family. Annually cleaning the heating system is an important habit for homeowners looking to save money.

3. Replace Old HVAC Parts

replace old hvac partsSimilar to keeping it clean, replacing old HVAC parts will increase the life expectancy of the heating system, and keep it running efficiently. Spending money on new parts may not seem like the best way to save money in the long-term, but running a system with old parts that need to be replaced can cause long-term damage to the system overall.

The cost of a replacement part now is well worth avoiding the cost of having to replace the entire system sooner than anticipated. Additionally, replacing old heating parts will help the system use less energy, which can show up as immediate savings on the next heating bill.

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