Protect Your Home From the Dangers of Hidden Water Leaks

Sneaky Water Leaks Can Harm Your Home

It is estimated that water leaks account for over 900 billion gallons of wasted water nationally every year. While a small leak in a home may not account for that much waste, it could still affect you and your family in a multitude of ways.

Not only can a water leak damage your home, but also this means that you pay a higher water bill and waste precious resources. Ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more every day.

Some common sources of water leaks are from dripping faucets, worn toilet flappers, and leaking valves... Added to the daily amount of water intentionally used, water consumption is way too high! This article will discuss the impact of these water leaks and what you can do to resolve them.

How Can a Water Leak Affect Your Utility Costs

The average family wastes 180 gallons of water a week because of water leaks, adding up to 9,400 gallons of water annually. To put it into perspective, that is the annual water usage of 11 million homes.

high water bill

Water leaks in your home can result in a high water bill. Check to see if your home has a leak by turning off the appliances that use water in your home. Then, check to see if the water meter has changed after 15 minutes. Repairing a plumbing leak can result in savings of 10% or more on your water bill.

Are There Mold Spots In Your Home?

mold spotsAs well as wasting water, plumbing leaks can account for billions of dollars of property damage every year. When there’s excess moisture indoors, that moisture becomes a breeding ground for a variety of mold.

Not only are mold spots unsightly, especially when they’re staining walls and wood baseboards, but also they can pose a serious risk for your health.

People who live in homes with mold might suffer from respiratory problems, pneumonia, asthma attacks, migraines or headaches, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, sore throats, depression, allergic reactions, rashes, or hives. Additionally, the mold remediation process can also be a costly one, which is why resolving leaks quickly and early is the best route to take.

The Reasoning For Those Musty Smells

In addition to causing stains on your walls and risks to your health, standing water and leaks can also create odors throughout your home. In many cases, water leaks go unnoticed because they’re in a hard to reach area. That is where your olfactory system comes in handy.

musty smell

The smell of moisture, mildew, or general must should never be ignored. It can be the simplest way to locate a leak and can also give your plumbing contractor a location to start. As a homeowner, having an attention o detail can go a long way to limiting damage and other expenses.

PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning for Leaks

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They Grow so Fast: Leaks Can Become a Problem

A common misconception is that the only serious water leaks are the ones on a roof, and that really only happens when there are heavy rains and damage to the roof tiles.

The fact is, an unattended household leak can cost about 10,000 gallons of wasted water a year. That’s approximately 588 showers!

There is another way to put it… a leak is a warning that there is something worse coming on the horizon. It is always best to catch it before it gets too late! However, many people are not sure how to react, this article is here to help. 

Water Leak

From Little Leak to Burst Pipe

A tiny little crack never hurt anyone, right? Wrong! Having a cracked or leaking pipe can be considered a time bomb. As hot water of different pressures goes through a home’s plumbing system, it chips away slowly at the integrity of the structure.

Over time, the inner walls of the pipe will give in and rupture, leaving a dangerous flooding and a heavy repairment bill. The most common household leaks come from:


  • Water Heaters - This occurs when the tank is old and corroding. Leading to a huge burst so it’s best to keep an eye out!
  • Toilets - The water supply, or flange and wax ring. This can be damaging to walls so tending to it as soon as possible is imperative or puddling water can form around the floor.
  • Washing Machines - A broken cold or hot water supply hose.
  • Fridges/Dishwashers - Usually, this happens behind the machine and can go unnoticed for a long time. Inspecting it regularly must be done in the event that something sounds off. 
  • Sinks/Showers - Occurs behind wall tiles usually and can be hard to detect.
  • HVAC Systems - An AC can leak when it runs, but long-term dripping can cause water damage.

Burst Pipe

Saving Money Now, by Fixing a Leak

People often wait for a little leak to turn into a giant problem. A single leaky faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year.

Leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, from misaligned washers and gaskets to loosened traps, to straight-up cracks in the piping.

Once the cause of a leak is determined, homeowners should take action. Most of these issues can be solved with a simple wrench for tightening or using pipe tape to seal a stubborn hole. It’s never good to allow these things to worsen, because it is much more cost-effective to repair than replace an entire broken pipe.

It is also important to remember to inspect the outside of a home for leaks as well. Most irrigation systems that are exposed, or even underground, are affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures, causing them to rupture. Underground or out-of-sight irrigation systems are more difficult to inspect for leaks and will require a professional.

Leak Plumber

Better Safe Plumbing Than Sorry Plumbing

A good way to weed out any undetected leaks is by monitoring water meters and examining the water usage bill. Inspect a water meter in a two-hour period where no water has been running.

If the meter changes, it’s time to go in deeper. The only way to be 100% certain that a house is leak-free is by calling in the pros

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