Common Plumbing Services Needed in Spring

Plumbing Problems That Happen Often in Spring

Don’t let the beauty of spring fool you, this season can bring some nasty plumbing issues if you aren’t careful. All the coming rain is great for nature and the blooming of flowers, but not so much for your plumbing system. Things can go wrong within the first rainfall if you haven’t had your pipes cleaned out in a while.

Even small clogs could cause extensive damage to your home. Be sure to get your maintenance appointment scheduled before it’s too late. Plumbing professionals will make sure your plumbing system is ready for the coming season! If you would like to learn more about the effects spring has on your plumbing system, continue reading.

Leaking Pipes Are Common in the Spring

You never know what the winter has done to your pipes until you get someone to come out for a maintenance check. There are a few different reasons you could have leaking pipes in the springtime and one of those reasons is directly associated with the winter.

leaking pipesThe ground gets really cold and can cause pipes to freeze and crack. This is something you may not notice until the springtime. A couple of other reasons include:
  • Rainfall: An excessive amount of rain can cause the soil surrounding your pipes to become saturated. This will add extra weight and pressure around the pipes and could cause some of them to burst as a result.
  • Tree Roots: The spring is a time for growth. This includes some trees. If the trees are close to your home, the roots could grow into the pipes and cause some problems.

Control the Flooding With a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are located in the basement of homes in a specially constructed pit. These pumps are designed to automatically come one when there are excessive amounts of water in and around the home. Essentially, the water will flow into the drain pit via drains or through the soil.

Once the pit fills to a certain point, the pump will kick on and pump the water away from the home. In return, your basement and crawl space stays dry and it also helps save your foundation from shifting and causing damage to your home.


If you live in a home with a basement and your home is prone to flooding in the springtime, a sump pump may be the answer to your problems. Approximately 60% of American homes suffer from below-ground wetness, and sump pumps are becoming increasingly more popular because of it. It’ll save you money in the long run because your home’s foundation, flooring, walls, fixtures, furniture, etc. will be saved from water damage.

Outside Factors That Cause Clogged Drains

clogged drainsAs mentioned above, tree roots can be a major nemesis of your home’s piping system. If they aren’t causing leaks, they could be clogging your drains altogether. Luckily, most of the time tree roots can be removed from pipes by means of hydrojetting.

This will clear out your pipes completely, but the plumber will have to check for leaks once the tree roots have been evacuated. Another extremely common cause of pipe clogging is from rainwater.

During a rainstorm, sticks, mud, and debris will flow into drains and clog piping systems. This is something you will want to get cleaned right away because the extra weight could potentially cause further problems within your piping system.

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