Must-Know Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Toilet Plumbing System

Easy Tips to Make Your Toilet Plumbing Last

Your home plumbing system is vital for the life of your house. Every drain connects at some point under your house, and whether you’re showering, washing your hands, or washing your dishes, you’ll be using some part of your plumbing. It’s essential, as a homeowner, to know how the plumbing in your home works so you can keep it working at optimal performance.

Keeping your plumbing workable and serviceable will extend its life and keep you from needing to replace it. Learn how to keep your plumbing in working order and save your pocketbook while you’re at it. The following tips will let you know how to deal with preventing a clogged toilet, and what to do when you're already in the situation. 

Toilet Cleaning Tablets Are your Friend

toilet cleaning tabletsToilet cleaning tablets can be purchased at major stores such as Walmart or Lowes and usually come in packs of three to five. These blue tablets are placed inside the toilet tank and will clean the water inside your bowl with every flush. They’ll sanitize your bowl, making it easier to clean, and your bathroom will smell fresh.

The tablets are used for numerous flushes, making the cleaner economical and convenient. Each tablet can be used in your tank for one to two weeks, depending on the number of flushes per week. Not only do the cleaning chemicals help improve the look and smell of your toilet, but also they can break down the impurities found in your plumbing, reducing the risk of clogs as well.

This is a simple way to keep your bathroom toilet clean, while also doing something right for the maintenance of your plumbing system.

Avoid Flushing the Wrong Thing

This next tip comes because many products on the market are now labeled as “flushable.” Unfortunately, items such as flushable wipes are not truly flushable. Toilet paper is the only item that should ever be flushed down your toilet and into your plumbing. Any other product, even if labeled “flushable,” can cause backups and clogs in your plumbing.

only flush toilet paper

Once you have a clog in your plumbing, water can back up into the toilet bowl. If clogs get pushed further down in the pipe, clogs can back up your entire plumbing, including your washing machine, kitchen sink, and showers. These clogs can easily be prevented by only flushing toilet paper and throwing everything else away. When in doubt, throw it out. Only toilet paper belongs in the toilet bowl.

Need a Trick? Get a Bucket of Water!

bucket of waterIf you do happen to have a clog, one simple trip to get your pipes unstuck is using a bucket of water to flush. This might sound odd, but it works! Simply fill a bucket of water at least a gallon or two full. After the water in your toilet bowl has gone down, dump the entire bucket of water into the toilet bowl at once.

Be careful that it doesn’t back up onto the floor. The force of the water flowing into the bowl should be enough to push the clog right through your pipes.

If your clog is particularly stuck, it might take several buckets of water to fully unclog your toilet. The next time you need to unclog your toilet, try this trick, and it just might provide you some savings!

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