What Tools Do Plumbers Use to Get the Job Done?

What’s in a Plumber’s Toolbox and Fully Stocked Truck? 

Just like surgeons rely on specialized tools, plumbers also rely on various distinctive devices and tools in their line of work. These items allow plumbers to zero in on an issue and finish the job effectively. This blog post will discuss common tools plumbers often use when on the job and what they are used for. 

Hand Tools 

toolsA professional wouldn’t dare show up to a job without smaller plumbing tools like these in hand: 

  • Wrenches: There are different types of wrenches for different kinds of jobs. For instance, a plumbing contractor may use a monkey wrench if they need to adjust the jaws’ size constantly. Yet, for smaller jobs, they may rely on a wrench set where each one comes with a fixed jaw span. 
  • Pipe cutters: Cutting through a metal pipe with a handsaw could take hours. That’s why plumbers use pipe cutters. These tools can cut lines clean in half, allowing for easy removal and installation. 
  • Plunger: Sometimes, a plumbing issue, like a clogged toilet, just needs a good plunger. Plumbers likely keep “ol’ reliable” in their work van.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Plumbers regularly encounter contaminated water, sewage, and other safety hazards like having to work with scalding hot water. 

To avoid endangering their safety and health, they may wear safety equipment, including: 

  • Heat-insulated gloves: A plumber may wear heat-insulated gloves to avoid suffering burns, like when working with a water heater. 
  • Steel-toed boots: Plumbers wear sturdy boots because they don’t want to risk injury if something falls on their feet or they step on something sharp. 
  • Protective goggles and masks: A plumbing contractor may wear goggles to prevent hot liquid or a dangerous substance from getting into their eyes. They may wear masks to avoid inhaling harmful fumes or particles. 

Specialized Plumbing Tools 

toolsHand tools and PPE are just some things a professional plumber may rely on. However, complicated plumbing work often requires specialized equipment. These distinctive tools may include: 

  • Plumber’s snakes: Also called drain snakes, these tools remove hard-to-reach clogs from the pipes. They’re flexible cables with a coil on the end to grab onto obstructions and come in both mechanical and manual models. Some also come with cameras, allowing plumbers to get closer looks at the obstruction. 
  • Hydro jets: Hydro jets work a lot like pressure washers. Yet, instead of washing away grime, they blast away clogs in the piping. Hydro jetting is a proven method that not only can unclog lines but can also prevent clogs. 
  • Sewer inspection cameras: Some problems are so deep in a plumbing system a plumber cannot see them up close. This is where drain cameras come in. These devices are put into plumbing lines, allowing plumbers to see and locate issues. 

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