How Essential Is Water Heater Maintenance?

Maintenance Is Key to Ensure Hot Water Keeps Flowing 

There is never a good time to lose hot water in the home. But with cooler temperatures on the way, this may be the worst time of all. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the water heater is having trouble until they have no hot water in the shower. Luckily, with the right advice, homeowners can reduce the risk of losing hot water. 

Water heater maintenance is essential to maintaining a home's plumbing. Here in this blog, people can learn about the importance of maintaining the water heater, what it entails, and signs that water heater repair is needed so they don’t lose hot water.  

Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance 

save money The water heater in the home is vital for the health and comfort of the occupants. It provides hot water for cleaning clothes and dishes as well as a comfortable temperature of water for bathing. Routine maintenance is beneficial since it reduces the likelihood of problems with the water heater and extends its lifespan.

Additionally, water heater maintenance helps it work more efficiently, which reduces the cost of energy bills and saves homeowners money. Maintenance also allows technicians to catch problems before they get bigger and cause the home to lose hot water or require replacing the water heater. 

What Do Plumbers Do During Water Heater Maintenance?

water heater service Now that homeowners know how water heater maintenance can help them, the next question usually involves what is done during maintenance. During water heater maintenance, plumbers do things like: 

  • Draining and flushing the water heater
  • Checking the heating elements and burners 
  • Determining whether the anode rod should be replaced
  • Inspecting the unit for leaks and corrosion
  • Checking safety devices and valves

Though tankless water heaters don’t have a large hot water tank like a traditional storage water heater, they still require maintenance and flushing the tankless water heater. 

When Do Water Heaters Need Repair?  

Water heaters do a lot of work to ensure that hot water is always available at the turn of the tap. However, this work takes a toll on the unit, and eventually, the water heater will need repairs. Some of the signs that water heater repair is needed are: 

  • Strange noises like rumbling, thumping, hissing, or popping 
  • Water temperature issues
  • Leaks
  • Cloudy or discolored water
  • Water has a strange smell
  • High utility bills

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The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Why Should Homeowners Opt for a Whole House Water Filter?

When the temperatures rise, so does the need for clean and refreshing water. For many homeowners, that means stocking up on plastic water bottles to stay hydrated. However, that can have a significant impact on the environment and budget. One solution is opting for a whole-house water filter. These devices work to remove impurities so families can enjoy clean water directly from the tap. But what do homeowners need to consider before installing one? In this post, plumbing experts explain the benefits of installing water filtration systems

Clean Water Is Better Tasting Water

waterClean water is more than just about protecting families from contaminants in water. Installing a water filtration system in the home can improve the water's taste and smell. Water is an essential ingredient for just about everything – from cooking pasta to brewing a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. 

As such, one of the most noticeable benefits of a water filter is the better taste of many of these foods and drinks. Things like coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and even food the water is used to make will taste better with filtered water. Additionally, it can reduce wear and tear on appliances like the coffee maker, a win-win for all water consumption. 

Removes Contaminants for Safer Water

When it comes to drinking water, the biggest concern will always be impurities. While most homes receive a steady supply of treated water, impurities can still enter the system through the plumbing. Some of the impurities that may be affecting water in residential homes include: 

  • Metals, including lead and arsenic.
  • Chlorine or fluoride, which is often used to eliminate bacteria. 
  • Industrial waste like fertilizers or oil. 
  • Waste, like animal droppings or road debris. 

While all whole-house water filtration systems differ, many can filter out these impurities before reaching the tap. For example, a reverse osmosis water filter uses filters and pressure to push water through a filtration system that removes even the most minor debris from the water supply for safer and cleaner water. 

Water Filtration Saves Money

saveFinally, water filtration systems can help people save money. Although they require an initial investment for their purchase and installation, they help homeowners save in two major ways in the long run. For starters, homeowners can say goodbye to buying bottled water by having convenient access to clean water. Not only will this cut down on costs, but also it's great for the environment because plastic water bottles contribute to a significant amount of plastic waste. 

Second, some water filters can remove minerals that cause hard water and are often harmful to plumbing. This reduces the wear and tear on the plumbing and appliances like the water heater, slowing down corrosion and leading to fewer issues and repairs, saving homeowners money. 

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PAC Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is a veteran-owned business serving Staten Island and the surrounding areas since 1978. They provide budget-friendly options, fast turnarounds, and quality workmanship. Call them today for water filtration system installation in Staten Island, NY.

A High Water Bill is a Sign to Call a Plumber

How Were Staten Island Plumbers Able to Lower a Water Bill of $3,000 to $40 the Next Month?

PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is proud to have provided a customer with the quality service that saved them from another outrageous water bill. The story goes like this: Our client had a running toilet, thus accumulating an outrageous $3,000 water bill. PAC was called in to resolve the issue and did so quickly and efficiently. The customer’s next water bill was only $40 - a result of quality work!

What is a Running Toilet, and What Are the Consequences?

fix running toiletsA running toilet is a common plumbing issue caused by a faulty flapper valve or other components in the tank. It allows water to leak continuously from the tank into the bowl without ever refilling it. Not only is this annoying and wasteful, but it can lead to higher water bills and potential damage to a home if not addressed quickly.

Furthermore, a running toilet can also indicate a more serious plumbing issue, such as leaks. It is vital to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage and the associated costs. Fortunately, most running toilets can be fixed relatively easily by adjusting the flapper valve or replacing worn components. A professional plumber can diagnose and repair any underlying issues.

Leaks Can Also Spike the Water Bill!

dripping faucetLeaks are one of the most common plumbing problems that can cause high water bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a leaking faucet that leaks at just one drip per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water annually, so even small leaks add up fast.

The best way to avoid an unexpectedly high water bill due to leaks is by regularly inspecting the plumbing for signs of leaks and having them repaired by a plumber as soon as possible. Routine plumbing maintenance and inspections by professionals are also crucial to ensure the plumbing is in good shape and to catch any issues like a running toilet or leaks before they wreak havoc on the water bills.

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PAC Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning have served Staten Island, NY, and the surrounding areas since 1978. They provide options to fit a budget, fast turnarounds, and accurate diagnosis. Call them today for toilet repairs or water leak detection services in Staten Island, NY.

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Going Back to School: Water Heaters 101

Water Heater Basics

Almost every house has a water heater. It is an essential component of the modern household and is usually used daily. Water heaters account for about 25% of the overall home energy expenses. The average lifespan is between 8 and 12 years. However, they may break down from time to time, causing many issues in the home. Read on for more fundamentals of water heaters, the various types, and their components.

Best Type of Water Heater For Your Home

types of water heatersTank water heaters can be powered by gas or electricity and heat water and store it for when it’s needed. The pre-heating and storage method of water heating isn’t as energy efficient as some other options, as the unit constantly uses energy to keep water warm to a comfortable temperature.

A tankless water heater is a type of water heater that only heats water when needed. This saves energy because the heater doesn’t have to keep the water warm all day. Tankless heaters typically use less electricity or gas than traditional water heaters, so homeowners can save money on utility bills by switching to a tankless model.

Water Heater Maintenance

professional maintenanceOne common issue with water heaters over time is the buildup of sediment. This can happen if the water heater hasn’t been inspected or maintained recently. Sediment can build up in the heater, making it less efficient and increasing the risk of water safety issues.

The easiest way to flush a water heater is to drain the debris from the system. Professionals will drain the water heater by connecting a hose to the drain valve and emptying the tank. This should remove any residue in the tank. Routine maintenance can extend the life of a water heater by years, save money on utility bills, and prevent repairs which is why professionals recommend regular maintenance at least once a year.

Most water heaters have an anode rod protecting the lining and interior of the water heater from corrosion. The anode rod should be replaced every few years during maintenance once it wears out to prevent the tank from corroding and needing a premature replacement.

Signs the Water Heater Needs Repair

Most water heater tanks are made from steel, which makes them prone to rust and corrosion. If homeowners see small pieces of rust in the hot tap water or the water is discolored, it’s a sign that the tank is starting to rust. Rust may also be found around the joints and pressure relief valve. If the tank is deteriorating, it will need to be replaced.

If the water doesn’t seem as hot as it used to, or it cools down quicker, this could be a sign that there is a problem with the heating element or electric thermostat. These problems will prevent the heater from performing effectively and make the water cooler. This can happen over time or all of a sudden. Homeowners should immediately contact a professional if they notice these signs, so the issue doesn’t worsen.

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PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is a disabled veteran-owned business with over four decades of experience serving Staten Island, NY, and the surrounding areas. They provide options to fit any budget, fast turnarounds, and maintenance plans. Call them today for water heater services in Staten Island, NY.

Time To Say Goodbye to That Old Water Heater!

Three Signs That It’s Time for That Old Water Heater To Hit the Curb

If homeowners wonder when to say goodbye to their water heater, they only have to remember: “Nothing good lasts forever.'' However, if they’re looking for a more specific answer, they should consult the U.S. Department of Energy. The organization notes that most water heaters last 10 to 20 years; it depends on the heater itself.

It’s not just inconvenient to keep an old water heater around; it’s also cost-ineffective and, in some situations, dangerous. If a homeowner notices any of the following signs in their water heaters, they should consult a professional water heater service.

The Water Heater Is More Than 10 Years Old

Water heaters are generally considered “old” once they hit the 10-year mark. That is because parts can rust, pipes can weaken, and the power source can become less effective. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that, on average, tankless water heaters last about 20 years. That’s because:

      • They use less energy than traditional water heaters.
      • They’re designed in a way so they never run out of water.
      • They take up less space, demanding less work.

It’s also worth mentioning that electric water heaters last longer than gas water heaters because, with gas heaters, gas particles can eventually wear away at the system, and that is not an issue with electric heaters.

The Water Heater Is Chronically Leaking

Leaking water heaterThe first time a water heater leaks, it isn’t enjoyable. The second time it leaks, that annoyance turns into an inconvenience. Then, the third time it spreads, it’s time to consider water heater replacement.

If a water heater chronically leaks:

      • It could create black mold growth, which can affect homeowners’ health.
      • It could create an unusual spike in utility bills, especially the water bill.
      • It poses an electrical hazard (if the heater is electrical).

While a water heater installation expert can fix problems repeatedly, they’ll likely suggest a new unit after a while. An electrical tankless water heater will prove its value within days of installation. It’ll save water, energy, and best of all, money.

Technician fixing a water heater

The Water Heater Refuses To Work

One’s water heater has one job: heating water, end of the story. It might be time to consider a new heater, even if it works sometimes. A water heater doesn’t have to be completely broken to warrant replacement.

If a homeowner experiences any one of the following issues, they should consider getting a new unit:

      • The water heater only works for a few minutes at a time.
      • Homeowners notice that their dishes and clothes are still dirty after being washed.
      • There is a noticeable difference in water temperature and pressure.
      • Chronic puddles of water form around the water heater’s base.

Coldwater isn’t the only issue with water heaters. Sometimes, the water can become too hot. According to a document from New York State, a water heater should reach maximum temperatures of 110 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher than that is a scald hazard, and it could be a sign that a water heater’s unsafe.

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