Three Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs for Holiday Shopping

How to Save on Heating Costs This Fall and Winter 

Several factors can strain budgets this time of year. The most obvious are the unexpected costs of entertaining guests for holiday get-togethers and buying gifts. Another significant expense is energy bills. The holidays coincide with a drop in temperatures, but the good news is controlling and lowering heating costs can mean more money for fun things like holiday shopping. Here are some tips to help homeowners make their heaters work more efficiently and save money during the holidays. 

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat 

thermostatReplacing the thermostat with a new smart thermostat can help homeowners get their energy bills under control. Old, manual thermostats are reliable, but they do absolutely nothing automatically to help homeowners control energy use. Instead, get technology to do the work. 

Smart thermostats use sophisticated technology to learn people's movements in the home and offer many energy-saving features. These devices can adjust the temperature automatically to conserve energy and save money. They also can detail the home’s energy usage to allow homeowners to see where they can save.

Remember the Air Filter Replacements 

air filterNewer heaters are designed to be as efficient as possible. However, this assumes that the homeowners are taking the best possible care of the heater. One thing that homeowners shouldn’t forget to do for the energy efficiency of their heating system is to replace the air filters when needed, usually at least every three months. 

Changing air filters is essential for a heater’s efficiency. Dirty air filters impede airflow, forcing the system to work harder to reach the desired temperature in the home. When new, clean air filters replace clogged filters, the system will work more efficiently, helping save on energy bills. Additionally, air filter replacement helps improve indoor air quality and prevent system issues, preventing unnecessary repair costs. 

Never Forget Maintenance 

Efficiency is critical to lowering energy bills, and routine maintenance is another essential step to keeping the system running efficiently. The AC and heater should both be maintained once a year, with heater maintenance in the fall and air conditioner maintenance in the spring. This ensures they will run more efficiently when they are used the most. 

So, if heating maintenance hasn’t been performed yet this fall, it should be done as soon as possible. Maintenance has many benefits that save homeowners money, like improving efficiency to lower energy bills, extending the life of the heater to avoid early replacement costs, and preventing problems and unnecessary repair bills. 

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How Essential Is Water Heater Maintenance?

Maintenance Is Key to Ensure Hot Water Keeps Flowing 

There is never a good time to lose hot water in the home. But with cooler temperatures on the way, this may be the worst time of all. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the water heater is having trouble until they have no hot water in the shower. Luckily, with the right advice, homeowners can reduce the risk of losing hot water. 

Water heater maintenance is essential to maintaining a home's plumbing. Here in this blog, people can learn about the importance of maintaining the water heater, what it entails, and signs that water heater repair is needed so they don’t lose hot water.  

Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance 

save money The water heater in the home is vital for the health and comfort of the occupants. It provides hot water for cleaning clothes and dishes as well as a comfortable temperature of water for bathing. Routine maintenance is beneficial since it reduces the likelihood of problems with the water heater and extends its lifespan.

Additionally, water heater maintenance helps it work more efficiently, which reduces the cost of energy bills and saves homeowners money. Maintenance also allows technicians to catch problems before they get bigger and cause the home to lose hot water or require replacing the water heater. 

What Do Plumbers Do During Water Heater Maintenance?

water heater service Now that homeowners know how water heater maintenance can help them, the next question usually involves what is done during maintenance. During water heater maintenance, plumbers do things like: 

  • Draining and flushing the water heater
  • Checking the heating elements and burners 
  • Determining whether the anode rod should be replaced
  • Inspecting the unit for leaks and corrosion
  • Checking safety devices and valves

Though tankless water heaters don’t have a large hot water tank like a traditional storage water heater, they still require maintenance and flushing the tankless water heater. 

When Do Water Heaters Need Repair?  

Water heaters do a lot of work to ensure that hot water is always available at the turn of the tap. However, this work takes a toll on the unit, and eventually, the water heater will need repairs. Some of the signs that water heater repair is needed are: 

  • Strange noises like rumbling, thumping, hissing, or popping 
  • Water temperature issues
  • Leaks
  • Cloudy or discolored water
  • Water has a strange smell
  • High utility bills

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Everything to Know About Air Filters

FAQs About Air Filters

Air filters are easy for homeowners to forget about. They aren’t visible, and they aren’t changed too often. However, filters are essential for the proper function of an HVAC system. Although air filters are not responsible for regulating indoor temperatures, they play a significant role in air quality and proper airflow when replaced on time. This blog post will answer some commonly asked questions about AC filters.  

What Is the Point of an AC Filter?

An air filter is used to remove pollutants and allergens from the air and prevent them from getting into the HVAC system, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. Although they look like simple contraptions, filters are extremely efficient. They work by catching the particles in small fiber openings before they have a chance to circulate throughout the home. Air can pass through the screen while contaminants remain caught inside the filter.

Since these pollutants are essentially trapped, the filter can get dirty and must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Otherwise, the particles will eventually cover the entire screen so air cannot circulate indoors, and the HVAC system will suffer. A dirty air filter can affect the HVAC system’s efficiency and its ability to cool or heat the home.

When Should an AC Air Filter Be Replaced?

filterThe average disposable air filter should typically be replaced at least once every three months. However, different types of AC filters can have different recommendations for how often to replace them. For larger households with many people or pets, homeowners may need to check their air filters every month and replace them more often. 

Pleated air filters are a popular choice for both new and old houses. These filters are contained in a plastic frame and use cotton or paper to catch contaminants. They are especially efficient at capturing microscopic pollutants but can restrict airflow. Foam air filters are much more porous. 

Less filter material is used in a foam filter. Although this is less likely to prevent cool or warm air from circulation, it is also less efficient at capturing airborne contaminants. Foam filters are measured by their pores per inch. A higher measurement of pores per inch will have a lower resistance to airflow. They are also one of the easiest types of reusable filters to clean.

Carbon air filters are ideal for those who smoke indoors. They can remove toxic gasses as well as odors and allergens. Air purifiers usually use carbon air filters with aluminum screens. Though they will not catch all pollutants, they do provide strong filtration.

Although disposable filters are the most commonly used filter, reusables do exist. A reusable filter will last much longer but must also be cleaned regularly. The average reusable filter should be scrubbed once per month.

What Are the Benefits of Air Filter Replacement?

saveReplacing a dirty AC filter when needed has many advantages, including that it helps reduce energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. If the filter is clogged, the HVAC system must work harder to produce the set temperature. Even though additional energy is used, a home may not be able to stay cool or warm throughout the season with dirty air filters, so replacing them also improves comfort. 

Replacing air filters on time also improves indoor air quality and can reduce the symptoms of allergies. With better indoor air quality, those with certain autoimmune diseases and respiratory illnesses can also breathe easier in the home. If homeowners have more questions about their air filters or filter replacements, they can contact an HVAC technician for answers. 

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PAC Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning has over four decades of experience serving Staten Island and the surrounding areas. They offer accurate diagnosis, fast turnarounds, and maintenance plans. Call them today for heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services in Staten Island, NY

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Have Questions About Backflow? We've Got Answers!

What to Know About Backflow

Plumbing backflow is a serious problem that can contaminate drinking water and cause severe health risks, so it's crucial homeowners have some basic knowledge about it and how it’s prevented. This post will answer some questions homeowners may have about backflow, how it’s prevented, and backflow testing

What Exactly Is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when there is an unwanted flow of water going in the reverse direction. In this case, contaminants may enter a home’s clean water supply. It can occur when water flows back into a home's plumbing system from an outside source, such as a sewer line or a neighbor's plumbing. 

Backflow can happen for various reasons, including faulty plumbing and power outages. Backflow usually occurs because of back pressure or greater pressure in the system versus its supply, forcing water back in the opposite direction. Another possible cause is back siphonage, where pressure is decreased in the supply causing the system to have higher pressure.

Backflow is a serious problem that can result in serious health issues and flooding. Among them are pollution of the environment, corrosion of pipes and a home’s plumbing system, compromised quality of drinking water, and diseases carried by a contaminated water supply. These risks are a real threat to human health, so it is important to prevent backflow at all costs. 

What Are Some Options for Preventing Backflow?

backflowPreventing backflow can be done by installing backflow prevention devices that are designed to keep water flowing in one direction. There are two common methods of backflow prevention plumbers may use: the air gap method and the backflow preventer valve method.

The air gap method is a backflow prevention method that involves putting a physical space or a gap between a water outlet and the flood level of a fixture. This gap helps maintain pressure in the system to keep wastewater flowing in one direction. The other method uses a backflow device called a backflow preventer valve. This valve can be installed in the system to keep water moving in one direction to prevent backflow and its effects.

How Often Should Backflow Preventers Be Tested?

backflowWhile backflow prevention methods are essential for homes to help prevent water contamination, backflow testing must be done to ensure these devices are working correctly. Most states require homes to have this backflow test done by licensed plumbers who act as backflow testers at least once yearly. 

Regular backflow testing gives homeowners - and the public - peace of mind that backflow devices are working properly and that their water at home is completely safe for consumption and free from contamination. If homeowners have more questions about backflow prevention and testing, they can reach out for answers.  

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PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning has over 45 years of experience serving Staten Island and the surrounding areas. They offer accurate solutions, options to fit your budget, and fast turnarounds. Call them today for backflow prevention, testing, and certification services in Staten Island, NY.

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Get a Whole Home Dehumidifier This Summer

Humidity Can Make the Heat Feel Much Worse

Humidity is the amount of water vapor that is in the air. The higher the humidity, the more water is present in the air. And because hotter air is less dense, it can hold more water. So higher temperatures are more capable of higher humidity. This is why the summer heat can feel so intense. High humidity also makes it feel hotter. A dehumidifier is an excellent investment to keep a home much more comfortable and increase its air quality during the summer.

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

dehumidifierThe original air conditioner created was intended primarily for dehumidifying. It pulled the moisture out of the air and helped keep the paper in the publishing house from curling and tearing from the humidity. A whole-home dehumidifier is a device used to reduce the humidity in an indoor area. 

It works by drawing air into the unit, which is cooled and passed through a filter to extract moisture from it. This moisture then condenses on cold evaporator coils and drips into a collection pan or is discharged directly outside. As humid air passes over the cold coils, it cools and releases moisture into the collection pan, while dry air continues to be released throughout the home or space. The dehumidifier continues this cycle until the optimal humidity levels are reached. 

What Indicates the Need for a Whole House Dehumidifier?

moldEven if a home has a properly working air conditioning system and the temperature stays relatively comfortable, that does not mean that a dehumidifier would be a waste. It can actually assist the cooling system and make its work easier. Several things can happen in a home that signals that a dehumidifier, especially a whole-house dehumidifier, is necessary, including:

  • Musty smells in the house that cannot be removed indicate too much moisture.
  • Mold and mildew growth run rampant in high humidity.
  • Condensation on the windows and walls of a home shows a need to remove moisture. 
  • Allergies and asthma more regularly triggered in the home may indicate a humidity problem.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Dehumidifier?

Some benefits of having a whole home dehumidifier installed are listed below.

  • Indoor Air Quality: High humidity can actually keep other pollutants like allergens and VOCs in the air. The humidity can also make breathing more difficult for people with chronic lung issues like asthma.
  • Home Comfort: The home will feel cooler and more comfortable with less moisture in the air.
  • Preservation of Property: High humidity and moisture can invite mold and mildew, damage a home’s structure, and damage furniture and floors. A dehumidifier helps prevent that.
  • Easy on the AC: A whole-house dehumidifier makes the air conditioner’s job easier by removing moisture, which can improve the efficiency of the AC and reduce energy costs.

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PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is an award-winning company serving Staten Island and the surrounding areas. They provide options to fit a budget, fast turnarounds, and maintenance plans. Call them today for dehumidifier installation services in Staten Island, NY

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