Add AC Coil Cleaning to the Spring Cleaning Checklist

Improve the Air Conditioner’s Performance With Coil Cleaning 

Summer is coming, but spring cleaning must be done before everyone checks out for summer celebrations. By doing some simple tasks when the weather improves during the spring, people can check them off their list and get back to doing the things they enjoy. 

During spring cleaning, one of the tasks that can often get overlooked is AC maintenance, particularly coil cleaning. Here is a quick guide so that everyone can understand what coil cleaning is and why it is vital to the efficient operation of an air conditioner. 

Evaporator Coil Cleaning 

evaporator coilsEvaporator coils are an integral part of a cooling system. They are responsible for absorbing heat from the air inside a home and transferring it to the refrigerant flowing through them to cool down the surrounding air. Evaporator coils are typically made of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel and can be found inside the indoor unit of a split-system air conditioner. 

Proper maintenance of evaporator coils is essential for the energy-efficient operation of the cooling system and to ensure that it runs smoothly for years to come. Regular cleaning and inspection of evaporator coils will help keep an air conditioner running at peak efficiency, minimize energy costs, prevent potential breakdowns, and extend its lifespan.

Condenser Coil Cleaning 

condenser coilsCondenser coils are another vital part of the cooling system in a home located in the outdoor air conditioning unit. The condenser coils transfer heat from the house to the outside environment by dissipating heat from the refrigerant as it flows through the coils. They are typically made up of copper tubes with aluminum fins.

Proper maintenance of condenser coils is essential for efficient cooling in a home, so it’s important to check on them regularly and clean them if needed. Cleaning the coils regularly can help ensure that they are working at their best and that homeowners get the most out of their cooling system in energy efficiency. 

Coil Cleaning and Maintenance Benefits

The benefits of coil cleaning and maintenance are: 

  • Prevents refrigerant leaks
  • Optimizes energy efficiency
  • Lowers energy bills
  • Keeps humidity in check
  • Improves performance
  • Enhances longevity 

The easiest way to access these benefits is to schedule AC coil cleaning and maintenance from a qualified professional. During a routine AC maintenance visit, a technician inspects AC equipment and looks for potential problems. They will also take time to lubricate moving parts and clean the AC coils. Coil cleaning restores lost performance by enhancing airflow through the coil, and it removes caustic compounds that can eat away at the metal in the coils and cause refrigerant leaks.

About PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is an award-winning plumbing and HVAC company serving Staten Island and the surrounding areas since 1978. They provide fast turnarounds, financing, and a beneficial maintenance plan. Call them today for AC maintenance and evaporator coil cleaning services in Staten Island, NY

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What Tools Do Plumbers Use to Get the Job Done?

What’s in a Plumber’s Toolbox and Fully Stocked Truck? 

Just like surgeons rely on specialized tools, plumbers also rely on various distinctive devices and tools in their line of work. These items allow plumbers to zero in on an issue and finish the job effectively. This blog post will discuss common tools plumbers often use when on the job and what they are used for. 

Hand Tools 

toolsA professional wouldn’t dare show up to a job without smaller plumbing tools like these in hand: 

  • Wrenches: There are different types of wrenches for different kinds of jobs. For instance, a plumbing contractor may use a monkey wrench if they need to adjust the jaws’ size constantly. Yet, for smaller jobs, they may rely on a wrench set where each one comes with a fixed jaw span. 
  • Pipe cutters: Cutting through a metal pipe with a handsaw could take hours. That’s why plumbers use pipe cutters. These tools can cut lines clean in half, allowing for easy removal and installation. 
  • Plunger: Sometimes, a plumbing issue, like a clogged toilet, just needs a good plunger. Plumbers likely keep “ol’ reliable” in their work van.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Plumbers regularly encounter contaminated water, sewage, and other safety hazards like having to work with scalding hot water. 

To avoid endangering their safety and health, they may wear safety equipment, including: 

  • Heat-insulated gloves: A plumber may wear heat-insulated gloves to avoid suffering burns, like when working with a water heater. 
  • Steel-toed boots: Plumbers wear sturdy boots because they don’t want to risk injury if something falls on their feet or they step on something sharp. 
  • Protective goggles and masks: A plumbing contractor may wear goggles to prevent hot liquid or a dangerous substance from getting into their eyes. They may wear masks to avoid inhaling harmful fumes or particles. 

Specialized Plumbing Tools 

toolsHand tools and PPE are just some things a professional plumber may rely on. However, complicated plumbing work often requires specialized equipment. These distinctive tools may include: 

  • Plumber’s snakes: Also called drain snakes, these tools remove hard-to-reach clogs from the pipes. They’re flexible cables with a coil on the end to grab onto obstructions and come in both mechanical and manual models. Some also come with cameras, allowing plumbers to get closer looks at the obstruction. 
  • Hydro jets: Hydro jets work a lot like pressure washers. Yet, instead of washing away grime, they blast away clogs in the piping. Hydro jetting is a proven method that not only can unclog lines but can also prevent clogs. 
  • Sewer inspection cameras: Some problems are so deep in a plumbing system a plumber cannot see them up close. This is where drain cameras come in. These devices are put into plumbing lines, allowing plumbers to see and locate issues. 

About PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning 

PAC Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is a disabled veteran-owned business serving Staten Island and the surrounding areas. They provide fast turnarounds, maintenance plans, and award-winning service. Call them today for plumbing services in Staten Island, NY

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A High Water Bill is a Sign to Call a Plumber

How Were Staten Island Plumbers Able to Lower a Water Bill of $3,000 to $40 the Next Month?

PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is proud to have provided a customer with the quality service that saved them from another outrageous water bill. The story goes like this: Our client had a running toilet, thus accumulating an outrageous $3,000 water bill. PAC was called in to resolve the issue and did so quickly and efficiently. The customer’s next water bill was only $40 - a result of quality work!

What is a Running Toilet, and What Are the Consequences?

fix running toiletsA running toilet is a common plumbing issue caused by a faulty flapper valve or other components in the tank. It allows water to leak continuously from the tank into the bowl without ever refilling it. Not only is this annoying and wasteful, but it can lead to higher water bills and potential damage to a home if not addressed quickly.

Furthermore, a running toilet can also indicate a more serious plumbing issue, such as leaks. It is vital to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage and the associated costs. Fortunately, most running toilets can be fixed relatively easily by adjusting the flapper valve or replacing worn components. A professional plumber can diagnose and repair any underlying issues.

Leaks Can Also Spike the Water Bill!

dripping faucetLeaks are one of the most common plumbing problems that can cause high water bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a leaking faucet that leaks at just one drip per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water annually, so even small leaks add up fast.

The best way to avoid an unexpectedly high water bill due to leaks is by regularly inspecting the plumbing for signs of leaks and having them repaired by a plumber as soon as possible. Routine plumbing maintenance and inspections by professionals are also crucial to ensure the plumbing is in good shape and to catch any issues like a running toilet or leaks before they wreak havoc on the water bills.

About PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

PAC Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning have served Staten Island, NY, and the surrounding areas since 1978. They provide options to fit a budget, fast turnarounds, and accurate diagnosis. Call them today for toilet repairs or water leak detection services in Staten Island, NY.

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Get a New HVAC System for Less With Tax Credits and Rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act Incentivizes Energy-Efficient Upgrades

The Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes homeowners to invest in energy-efficient home upgrades. This act provides tax credits and rebates for energy-saving home improvements, including insulation, windows and doors, air conditioners, heaters, and more. This blog will discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, which HVAC systems qualify, and how homeowners can benefit when installing a new energy-efficient HVAC system.  

The Inflation Reduction Act Explained

inflationBuilt into the Inflation Reduction Act are provisions that are meant to encourage investments in green energy, not just for producers but also for consumers. Passed by congress and signed into law in 2022, the IRA aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions and make green energy cheaper. 

To achieve these goals, the IRA offers incentives for homeowners to transition to clean energy technologies like electric vehicles and energy-efficient appliances like heaters and air conditioners. These incentives come in the form of tax credits and rebates, with most homeowners, especially low-income families, qualifying for significant savings when upgrading to energy-efficient products.

Qualifying Systems

Not all HVAC systems, however, are eligible for tax credits. Systems must be installed after January 1, 2023, and meet certain energy efficiency requirements to qualify. The chosen equipment must meet or exceed the required efficiency tier established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. They also must be installed in the homeowners’ primary residence to qualify for the incentives. 

The tax rebates for installing these systems may be up to 30% of the project cost up to $2,000 for a heat pump, and up to $600 for heaters and air conditioners. The tax credits and rebates should help to offset the cost of installing these systems, making them more affordable for homeowners.

Benefits of the Energy-Efficient Upgrade

benefitsInstalling these energy-efficient HVAC systems can help save homeowners money in the long run as they require less energy to operate. Investing in these systems now will mean enjoying the benefits of an efficient system for years to come. In addition to saving money on energy bills, the tax credits and rebates through the Inflation Reduction Act can help offset the cost of installing a new system, allowing homeowners to save even more. 

Upgrading the HVAC system will also help homeowners avoid costly repairs down the road. With a newer, energy-efficient system, they can expect fewer breakdowns and lower repair costs. Finally, investing in a new system can help improve the comfort of a home. Upgrading an HVAC system can provide a variety of benefits, from energy savings to improved comfort. With the help of rebates and tax credits, enjoy the benefits of an efficient system without breaking the bank. Invest in a new system now and start saving money today!

About PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning has over 40 years of experience serving Staten Island, NY, and the surrounding communities. They provide budget-friendly options, fast turnarounds, and maintenance plans. Call them today for air conditioning or heater installation in Staten Island, NY.

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Meet Adrienne Bennett, the First Black Woman to Become a Master Plumber

The Legacy of a Plumbing Pioneer

When people think of a plumber, they generally don't think of a woman. Plumbing has been a male-dominated industry throughout its history, but several women have made names for themselves among their peers. Adrienne Bennett is one of those women who put in the hard work to go from the bottom to the top of her industry. Her story should encourage everyone, regardless of color or gender, to work hard for what they want.

How She Started Her Journey in the Plumbing Industry

From the age of 9, Adrienne Bennett lived in Detroit, MI, which she considers her hometown. She was an excellent student, excelling in math and science, and came from a large family. She wanted to pursue metallurgy and engineering in college, but a racist incident caused her to be disillusioned with the university setting. 

Bennett was looking for her next career move when she was asked if she would like to make $50,000 a year at a political rally. She listened and signed up for the training to become an apprentice in plumbing.

Hard Days and New Challenges: Going From Apprentice to Master Plumber

contractorThe beginning of her career was filled with surprising and heartbreaking stories of what she had to overcome. She was often bullied and emotionally and physically harassed at her workplace, where she was often the only woman on a site with over a hundred men. They often tried to get her to quit. 

On her first day as a journeyman plumber, Bennett was left alone on a job site in the cold for hours. They were surprised to find her still there when they returned. Some of the jobs she has held during her long plumbing career are a journeyman plumber, a master plumber, a project manager, a plumbing inspector, and a code enforcement officer for the city of Detroit. Once she passed her master plumber exam, she became the first black female master plumber in the United States. 

The Last Rung: Becoming CEO of Her Own Company

contractorAfter all the plumbing jobs she has held, Bennett became an independent contractor and opened her own business, which she is the president and CEO of. One of her company’s specialties is green building solutions, and they are involved in an effort to rebuild Detroit and have landed big contracts. 

Due to her perseverance, she has forged a successful career in a male-dominated industry and is an inspiration to others. She continues to help upcoming generations of tradespeople by sitting on the Architectural Engineering Advisory Board for Lawrence Technological University. 

About PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is a disabled veteran-owned business serving Staten Island, NY, and the surrounding communities. They offer fast turnarounds, maintenance plans, and options to fit a budget. Call them today for plumbing services on Staten Island, NY.

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