Even Movie Monsters Fear Backflow

The Terrors of Backflow 

Werewolves and vampires are supernaturally strong and scary, but even they should fear plumbing backflow. Backflow is characterized by the reversed flow of clean water in a supply line. This reversal results in the contamination of clean drinking water, creating an unpleasant and extremely dangerous situation for anyone who uses it. 

Pressure plays a key role in causing backflow.  Back siphonage happens when a drop in pressure in the pipes creates a vacuum that pulls dirty water into the clean supply. Backpressure is the cause of backflow when pressure from the receiving end of the waterline is higher than the supply, reversing water flow and allowing dirty water to pollute the supply. 

The pollution can contain chemicals, pesticides, and sewage, all of which are dangerous to the health of a home’s occupants. The moment backflow is suspected, a certified plumber with backflow licensing should be contacted.

Backflow Is a Monsterous Mess

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Because of the nature of the pollutants found in backflow water, remedies are costly and time-consuming. Plumbers can spend weeks fixing a major backflow problem, and the cost can go well over a thousand dollars. Backflow can cause more than just water troubles. 

Certain chemicals that may be released into a home’s plumbing can cause corrosion and damage to plumbing. If sewage has invaded the system, a thorough cleaning might be needed to reinstate the water source’s integrity. Such remedies require a professional to take care of them to ensure proper repair and dispose of any pollutants. 

The Major Health Dangers of Backflow

Backflow frequently creates a toxic cocktail that poses extreme and sometimes lethal health risks to a home’s occupants. Corrosive chemicals, hazardous pesticides, and human waste can all cause illness and health conditions with even slight exposure. Additionally, backflow can introduce microorganisms, mold, spores, and other water-borne diseases and illnesses into a home’s water supply. Backflow is a health emergency that should be addressed right away by a qualified professional. 

The Power of Backflow Testing 

Homeowners can take action to prevent and detect backflow problems. A plumber certified in backflow testing can locate, diagnose, and remedy backflow problems before they become a major health risk. 

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Backflow testing plays a vital role in identifying whether preventative measures need to be installed to protect against backflow. Most modern homes and buildings have backflow prevention already installed, but repairs and replacements may be needed. Older homes may not have preventative seals or valves in place, and homeowners should consider having them installed for the protection of themselves and their loved ones.

Backflow may seem like an invisible nightmare to most homeowners. The good news is that an expert plumber will help keep the water supply of the home safe and clean and keep backflow nightmares far, far away. 

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