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Understanding Your Air Conditioner

How Does Your AC Work and When Do You Need Servicing?

It’s the time of year for homeowners to turn their attention to their home’s air conditioning units. Air conditioning services are essential to keep that unit working appropriately all season long. While most homeowners know that their AC is responsible for keeping them cool, they likely don’t understand how they work.

HVAC technicians are here to provide information about the parts of an air conditioning unit, how they work together, and why professional assistance is needed to keep them working in harmony. Information is power, especially when it comes to parts of the home that are this important.

All About the Essential Air Conditioner Parts

Air conditioner services are necessary for making sure all of the essential parts of the unit work as they should. But what are those AC parts? Starting with understanding each of them can help homeowners better understand their air conditioning units as a whole.

Units Have 5 Main Components:

  • ac partsRefrigerant/Coolant - Flows through the system to make it work.
  • Compressor - Pressurizes and raises the temperature of the refrigerant.
  • Condenser Coils - Receive the refrigerant from the compressor, located in the outdoor air conditioning unit.
  • Expansion Valve - Removes the liquid refrigerant’s pressure.
  • Evaporator Coils - Pick up the home’s heat at the end of the cycle.

How Air Conditioners Work

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With so many essential components, it’s easy to understand why air conditioner services are important to keep the home cool. However, it’s also important for homeowners to know how they all work together to achieve that result.

Cooling the home starts in the compressor. It condenses the refrigerant and circulates it through the outdoor air conditioner unit. As the refrigerant is condensed, it turns from a gas to a liquid.

Once the refrigerant is liquid, it gets forced by the fan through the indoor evaporator coils or cooling compartment, before circulating past the evaporator fins. As it circulates, the refrigerant turns back from a liquid into a vapor, which starts to pull the heat out of the air around it. As the heat is removed, cool air is brought back into the home.

Once the cool air is back in the home, the refrigerant turns back from a vapor into its liquid state, removing any heat remaining. As it leaves the evaporator, it is cool and low pressure, which allows it to re-enter the condenser and start the process again.

The Importance of Air Conditioner Services

pro helpAll homeowners know the importance of air conditioning in the summer. In addition to cooling the home, it also works to help improve indoor air quality while also maintaining an appropriate amount of humidity.

Keep it working when it’s needed by hiring A professional air conditioning tradesman. Don’t wait until something is broken. It is also important to note that homeowners should not attempt to perform their own air conditioning services.

There are too many small processes and AC parts, and too many ways they can be damaged. It can also be potentially dangerous to the homeowner. Leave it to the professionals.

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