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Paul is here to tell you some very important news about your Air Conditioning System. The EPA has BANNED THE USE OF R22 refrigerant in new AC equipment since 2010. As a result, if your air conditioner was manufactured prior to 2010 this may be the time to replace it.

Unfortunately, as the supply and availability of R22 declines the prices will go up. In fact, the prices for R22 have already increased 300% over the past few years. And the price increases will only continue as the industry moves closer to the 2020 date when it will be illegal to use.

You have three options at this time:

  1. You can keep your existing AC equipment and accept the fact that as we move closer to 2020, if you need R22 refrigerant to maintain your equipment, it will become increasingly difficult to find in the marketplace and it will be priced accordingly from our suppliers.
  1. You can keep your existing AC equipment and instead use an EPA permitted “modern” refrigerant. But to do so may involve replacing many parts of your equipment since not all refrigerants are the same. Additionally, using a different refrigerant than was originally designed for your system may result in poorer performance and higher energy costs
  2. You can choose to replace your old AC equipment with a new, high-efficiency unit that does not use R22, but instead uses other refrigerants that are less harmful to the environment and that are permitted by the EPA. These units will give you many years of dependable service and lower-cost cooling.


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