Quality AC Maintenance Leads to Healthier Living

Many of us are often on the lookout for ways to improve our lifestyle and health. We’ll pursue things like new diets, exercise routines, practices in mental health and relaxation; but, don’t leave out proper maintenance of utilities within your home like your AC system.

With a regular and good AC maintenance, you can actually experience some visible improvement in both yours and your family’s health as well as your comfort while in your home.

Below, we’ll visit some of these factors and why they’re important.

Breathing Clean Air in Your Home is Essential

breathecleanairOut of all the changes, improvements, and upkeep, you can do within your home AC repair and maintenance is perhaps one of the most important. Why, you ask? Because your AC system directly contributes to how healthy the air in your home is to breathe.

If you have someone with asthma or other breathing issues, other pre-existing medical conditions, or young children, having clean and filtered air is vital. Otherwise, symptoms may become exacerbated. You may also find sleeping easier, especially if you have sleep apnea problems.

Always Have Wanted Temperatures During the Hot Summer Months

alwaysWhen it’s hot outside and the sun is beating down, having the ability to take solace in your home’s cool AC is fantastic; however if you neglect your AC maintenance, you may find your home doesn’t stay cool for long or at all.

When you have regular maintenance performed on your AC system, you’ll have more control over the steadiness of airflow and temperature within your home, thus keeping you, your family and your guests cool and comfortable.

Also, if you’re looking to get more of an edge on your temperature, consider upgrading your thermostat. With a modern thermostat in place, you can control your indoor environment down to the degree, helping you save money and remain comfortable at every turn.

Don’t Get Caught with an AC Emergency

avoidemergenciesWhen you’re in a warmer area, deep in the throes of summer, or have young children or seniors in your home, having properly working AC units is essential to keeping everyone safe and happy.

A big part of ensuring you don’t run into an AC emergency is ensuring any necessary AC repair is taken care of promptly and that regular AC maintenance is performed. Besides having a professional technician come out, there are things you can do yourself to ensure a well-running air conditioning unit as well:

  • Change the filter every 60-90 days as is needed
  • Clean your outdoor unit of any dust and dirt
  • Ensure your air conditioner pad is level and dry with no cracks
  • Install a whole house fan to take some strain off the AC and continue to keep everyone cool
  • Keep windows, blinds, and shades drawn when your AC is in use, which will reduce how hard and long your unit will need to work

Make sure, if you haven’t already, to schedule your regular maintenance and inspection appointment with PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning if you’re in the NYC area. You can reach us at (718) 720-4980 and get top-quality solutions in no time!