Tips to improve Air Quality in your home!

There are certain things homeowners can do to try and protect against the COVID-19 virus from spreading in their homes. We want to ensure our customers that PAC is taking the proper precautions when entering homes. We are asking our customer pre-qualifying questions before booking a service call. Our technicians are also making sure to wear the proper equipment when entering a home.
What can you do at home to protect against COVID-19? Paul has some tips for you that can improve the indoor air quality in your home:
  1. Change your Filter - Filters that are blocked up with dirt or other bacteria will cause unsanitary air to be circulated through your system. If you haven't replaced your filter recently, now is it a good time!
  2. Thorough HVAC System Cleaning - We recommend you perform a very thorough cleaning to your HVAC system. By using a chemical cleaner, you can potentially kill any blockages or harmful bacteria. It will also allow your system to run more efficiently
  3. Install a UV Light - The UV light is an effective tool to stop the spread of viruses. A study conducted by a group of scientists found that UV lights had the ability to kill flu viruses when placed in germ-sensitive places such as hospitals, airports, or schools.
  4. 4. Call Paul! - We are here to PROTECT YOU! If you have any issues at all we will be there right away to take care of it.

This is a very difficult time for everyone but we will get through this together!