Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Fixtures in Top Shape

Summertime is a unique mix of relaxation and back-breaking work for most homeowners. We’re entirely laid-back with our feet dangling from the boat dock, not a care in the world, or we’re redoing the landscaping in our front yards. There isn’t much in between for homeowners during the summer.

Even though your calendar is already pretty full, don’t forget to perform some routine maintenance on your outdoor plumbing and water fixtures. It’s easy to forget about these unassuming but essential outdoor plumbing staples until you’re caught in the midst of an emergency situation.

Outdoor Fixture Maintenance Is Key

fixturerepairOutdoor fixtures are exposed to harsh weather every single day, so it should come as no surprise that they need a little bit of regular maintenance.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as cleaning off rust or building an enclosure to keep rain and wind off them. In other cases, you might need a protective waterproof coating to keep those spots off your outdoor kitchen.

Generally speaking, you should at least be inspecting these elements as often as possible. Open your faucet or run water through your hose weekly. By keeping your fixtures working frequently, you won’t allow deterioration to take its toll on them.

Check That Outdoor Plumbing Too

outdoorplumbingIf you have outdoor fixtures for water, they need yearly maintenance. Just like leaks under your kitchen sink, leaks in your outdoor spigots demand attention.

If you have an outdoor shower and it’s sprung a leak, the water could seep into your house if it shares a wall with the shower. Before turning your outdoor shower on for the first time, make sure that there are no obvious blockages to the pipe or the water runoff system.

We often ignore our sprinkler systems and just assume that if we blew them out in the fall, that they’ll be ready to fire up in the spring. When you turn your sprinklers on for the first time each season, watch to make sure that the water pressure is consistent. Inconsistent pressure could be a sign of a leak or a collapsed pipe.

Outdoor Fixture Replacement

Sometimes, an outdoor fixture is beyond repair. Look for the following signs to determine whether it’s time to replace them:


Excessive rust buildup prevents you from getting access to water

  • They’re outdated or an eyesore in your yard
  • You can’t connect your hoses easily
  • They’re constantly leaking water
  • You get little to no water pressure

Any of those conditions are the eventual kiss of death to your outdoor fixtures, so it’s best to replace them when you discover the problem. The last thing you want is to come home at night and have no access to water or worse, a water leak.

If you have questions about whether your system needs to be repaired or replaced, or you’re wondering if your pipe has a crack, give us a call. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment to answer your questions and assist you with your outdoor fixture repairs.