Valentine's Month Special

Paul here with a great opportunity for you to become a member of the PAC Family. During Valentine’s Month, when you sign up for a 3 or 5 year membership with Pac you will receive an assorted box of chocolates from On Your Mark chocolatiers. On Your Mark is a non profit agency that provides services for the intellectually developmentally disabled population throughout their lifetime. Enjoy the delicious chocolates while supporting a great cause.

What’s some of the Benefits of Joining Paul’s Home Care Club?


  • Peace Of Mind
  • Longer Product Life
  • Safety/Environmental Protection
  • Economic Savings
  • Priority Treatment
  • Service you can Trust


Our special plumbing and HVAC memberships help keep your systems in tip top shape!

Just as the human body and the family car need periodic examinations and checkups, so does your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems. Most individuals wouldn’t think of driving thousands of miles without periodically checking the condition of their vehicle. Unlike the family car, however, plumbing and HVAC systems within a home don’t have warning lights for potential problems. Ironically, they are the most often used systems which undergo the most wear and tear.

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