RHEEM water heaters

Water Heater Replacement

After a period, your Hot Water Heater will start breaking down and show signs of needing replacement. Here are a few ways to see when it’s time for replacement:

  1. Rust – Are you seeing rust around the pressure relief valve? If so, chances are there is rust inside the tank as well
  2. Age- How old is your water heater? A normal water heater will last about 8-10 years. If your water heater is older than that, time to CALL PAUL!
  3. Noise – If you are hearing strange noises coming from your Tank, there could be a buildup of sediment in your tank
  4. Leak- Do you notice any visual water around your tank? If so, this could be a big problem! You will want to call a plumber right away to make sure your tank is not about to burst.
  5. Not Heating properly- Sometimes when your water heater hits a certain point, it will not be able to supply hot water fast enough or in some cases none at all. It could be an issue with a component in the tank, the temperature of the water, or it could indicate that your water heater is almost at it’s end.

PAC is Proud to announce they are an Authorized Dealer for RHEEM. Not only does RHEEM offer an incredible 10 year warranty but any issues you can call PAC and we honor the manufactures warranty as well. If you have any issues over the 10 year span, we will send out a technician immediately to address the issue.

Want to protect your equipment during this harsh winter? Become a member of Paul’s Home Care Club and we will make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency! During our Winter Checkup visit, we will make sure your Heating System and all of your plumbing (including your HWH) is working properly.

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