Why is my Water Heater Leaking?

Have you performed regular maintenance on your Hot Water Heater lately? If you haven’t, then maybe it’s time you should. If you see water leaking around the area, then I recommend you call P.A.C. as soon as possible. If it’s a small leak, then it’s probably nothing serious that can’t be fixed. Over time however, the leak can cause serious damage to your floors, walls, furniture etc.  You want to fix the problem before it gets worse especially in the case of these Hot Water Heaters. If you are ignoring the problem, this could turn into a disaster and could cause the tank to fail and burst with water surrounding your floors. This is something we want to avoid, and you should maintenance your water heater ASAP.

You should probably ask yourself first, what is the reason for this? Here are some reasons for the Tank leaking.


  • Valve Leak- The temperature and pressure relief valve could be leaking. If water drips from the valve and the valve is in the close position than it could be a defective valve.  Also, the drain valve near the bottom of the tank can cause a leak as well. In some cases, you may have to replace that valve.
  • The cold and hot water inlet/outlet connections. If the hot water outlet connection has a severe leak that you can’t reach the shut-off valve above the tank without touching hot water, you will have to locate the main shut-off valve and close this to stop the flow of water your home.
  • Try tightening the inlet and outlet connections with a pipe wrench. If the pipe bursts or is damaged, then you will have to call P.A.C. to repair it.
  • Check the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank. You must make sure that the valve is completely closed. The drain’s valve point of entry into the tank needs to be watertight. A leak from this location is not a serious problem and it can be fixed.

Many times, the leak is can be easily fixed and some valves or connections may just need to be tightened with a wrench. If there is a severe leak coming from the tank, then it is probably a more serious problem and you will have to probably get a service to help fix the problem or you may want to consider replace it. Whatever your plumbing needs are just call P.A.C. and we will either fix the problem or replace your tank with a brand new Rheem Water Heater!

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