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Experienced evaporator coil cleaning services in Staten Island

As a homeowner, you may not know the internal workings of your air conditioner, but you do know when it’s not cooling your house properly. If your Staten Island home is continuously warm or struggling to cool down, dirty or damaged evaporator coils may be to blame. Your evaporator coils are responsible for transporting the liquid freon into your air conditioner, which then cools the air. Without it, you can quickly find yourself with no cold air. At PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning we are your expect AC evaporator coil specialists. We offer repairs and replacements, depending on what your system needs.

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How Can You Tell if Your Evaporator Coils Need Cleaning?

For most air conditioners, regular AC evaporator coil cleaning is not needed as frequently as other maintenance services like filter replacement. However, there are still some warning signs to look out for that will help you get the evaporator coil services you need. They include:

  • Dripping Water: Anything that freezes, will eventually thaw, and the same can be said about your evaporator coils. If there are puddles of water under your air conditioner, chances are your evaporator coils have frozen.
  • High Energy Costs: If your energy bills are on the rise, particularly when your AC unit is in heavy use, poor circulation in your evaporator coil may be to blame. If your AC evaporator coils cool air inefficiently, it can translate into a significant spike in your energy costs.
  • Dirty Coils: For homes with pets, dust-covered coils can be a recurring issue. Although your air filter works to keep impurities out of your air conditioner, over time, they may still find their way in, coating your coils with a film of dust and grime, which prevents them from working correctly.
  • Constant Recharges: Freon is a refillable gas that can be replenished by an AC contractor. If, however, you’re always having to get recharges, there may be a leak in your evaporator coil.

At PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, we offer evaporator coil repair services that can be used to diagnose and fix these problems. With our expert solutions, you will see an immediate improvement in the functionality of your air conditioner.

Quality Evaporator Coil Repair & Replacement

When cleanings are just not getting the job done, a professional repair or replacement may be needed. AC evaporator coil repairs are generally done by inspecting the unit, and then making patches as required. This is a common method for small leaks that allow freon to leak out.

If your air conditioner is on the older side, and your evaporator coils are rusted out or damaged, an AC evaporator coil replacement may be the right choice for you. When you hire our AC contractors, we will be able to perform detailed inspections to determine the right choice for you and your budget.

The easiest way to avoid any of these issues completely is with our customer membership programs. We offer regular maintenance programs that can be used to keep your air conditioner running in top shape. This will include visual inspections of the evaporator coils, which will allow our technicians to catch problems early and avoid discomfort in your home.

If you’d like to know more, visit our reviews page to see what some of our happy customers have to say about our services, or schedule an in-home inspection of your evaporator coils today!

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