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What’s worse than a hot home? A humid one. When humidity levels are too high, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable environment that can also affect your health. With an AC dehumidifier in place, you can easily regulate the levels of humidity in your home, keeping you safe and comfortable at all times. PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is your expert dehumidifier installation company. We can work with your budget and home needs to find a system that is right for you.

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How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

When you use your central air conditioner, mainly when it’s hot outside, your system may create excess condensation. That condensation can make the air inside your Staten Island home humid and stuffy.

A dehumidifier works by measuring the amount of moisture in the air and running as needed to keep it within specific parameters. An AC dehumidifier is a key addition for homeowners that suffer from respiratory issues, as the excess moisture can cause flare-ups.

Because these systems are not exactly straightforward, it’s always best to get professional dehumidifier installation, to ensure that your system will operate properly, and when your air conditioner needs the help.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Dehumidifier?

If you already have a dehumidifier in your home, you should be aware that like any other appliance, they have a specific lifespan of optimal functionality. If you start to notice the following symptoms, consider a replacement.

Poor Humidity Regulation: If your dehumidifier is failing to keep humidity at comfortable levels, or stopped registering temperatures, then a new one may be in order.

  • Old Unit: Is your dehumidifier over five years old? Unlike central air conditioning units, dehumidifiers have a shorter lifespan, and can quickly become outdated with newer models and technologies hitting the market.
  • Noisy Operation: A dehumidifier should be relatively quiet while operating and should definitely never be louder than your actual air conditioner.
  • Water Leaks: Because dehumidifiers are essentially working with excess moisture, they can sometimes leak, leaving you with unwanted water damage in your home.

When dehumidifier repairs no longer cut it, look to our professionals for dehumidifier replacement services. We can help you find the right unit that works for your budget and needs, and assist you with the entire installation process.

Professional Services from PAC

At PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our high-quality services. Ranked on the SIEDC’s top 31 Small Business on Staten Island and six-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Saver Award, when we say award-winning service, we mean it. A dehumidifier is a delicate system that most work properly to keep your home and health safe. Leave it to our experts for all your repair and installation needs.

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A dehumidifier is a great way to control the excess moisture in your Staten Island home. Call Paul at (718) 720-4980 and get high-quality dehumidifier installation and repair services today!