Staten Island Gas Leak Detection

Reliable gas leak detection services in Staten Island

Homes that use natural gas as their primary energy source report significant savings on a yearly basis compared to those that use electric appliances. While this can be an excellent advantage for homeowners in Staten Island, if there is an undetected leak, there can be plenty of problems too. PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning is your local gas line contractor. We offer gas line leak detection and repair, quickly and effectively ensuring your family’s safety. Our plumbers are also available 24/7 so when you need immediate attention; we’ll be there to help you.

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What Are the Signs of a Gas Leak?

Most of the time when you think of a gas leak, you’ll probably think of a rotten egg or sulfur smell. While this is a telling sign, there are a few others you should be on the lookout for:

  • Hissing noises from your pipes
  • Air bubbles in puddles outside
  • Dead plants
  • An increase in your gas bill
  • Constantly feeling unwell because of headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath

If you begin to notice any of these signs, you should leave the property immediately and call our gas line contractors. A gas leak is NOTHING to fool around with. It can start fatal fires and be deadly in its own right. Gas pipe leak detection should be done so the problem can be fixed promptly.

Are There Ways to Prevent Gas Pipe Leaks?

Of course, there is no measure that will be 100% effective in preventing a gas leak at home, and sometimes they are entirely out of your control, but there are a few tricks to limit the possibility of a leak in your home.

When buying new appliances don’t look up how to install them yourself. If you happen to be a professional installer, go right ahead, but for most, that scenario is unlikely, and you might miss something along the way in the installation process. Instead, call a certified installer to do the job and give yourself peace of mind. Always make sure your appliances are well-maintained and watch for damage due to wear and tear.

The best way to help mitigate the risk of gas leaks is with regular gas line maintenance. At PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, we offer membership plans to help protect your home at all times. This can include gas line inspections, to help catch small repair issues early.

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When dealing with a leak of this nature, you want to call a company that is certified in gas pipe leak detection and repair. You also need to be sure you can trust them with the safety of your home. PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning fits the bill and offers flat-rate pricing, award-winning service, and has been the recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award for six years and counting.

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A gas leak can be one of the most dangerous situations a Staten Island homeowner can deal with. Protect your home and your family by calling PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning at (718) 720-4980.