A New Heating System for a New Year

Start the New Year Warm and Cozy With a New Heater Installation

There’s nothing worse than spending the cold with a faulty heater. Whether it’s a boiler on the fritz or a furnace throwing a fit, it can be downright dangerous to have a malfunctioning heater. This blog shares some signs that it’s time for a new heater and what to do to make the most of it!

Signs It’s Time for a Heater Replacement

There are certainly some telltale signs that indicate a failing heater. The first thing to look at is the age of the heater. Both furnaces and boilers last about fifteen years. So if the heater is fifteen years old or older, there’s a good chance it’s on its last legs. Heater performance is also something to consider. If the rooms heat unevenly and there are cold spots throughout the house, it means a problem with the heater. 

If the heating costs are higher than usual, it’s another indication that the heater is faulty because issues with the unit can lead to a loss of efficiency.  Finally, it’s good to keep an ear out. Strange sounds from the boiler or furnace often mean a failing heater or component of the heater. If homeowners notice signs of a malfunctioning heating system, they should call a professional before it gets worse.  

Choosing the Right Heater for the Homeheater

Two popular types of residential heaters are furnaces and boilers. Generally, whatever type of heater the house already has will be the best bet for replacement. Boilers are often replaced with boilers and furnaces with furnaces. This is because both systems have associated infrastructure to go with them. This means a system of pipes, baseboard heaters, and radiators for boilers. For furnaces, this means ductwork. So installing a boiler in a house that previously had a furnace would be more expensive than just replacing the furnace.

There are also things to consider when it comes to boilers and furnaces. Boilers tend to be quieter than furnaces and don’t move allergens like dust and pollen around in the air as furnaces do. But boilers rely on heating water, so there can be corrosion and water damage issues if the boiler breaks. Homeowners who need guidance on the right heater for their home should consult a qualified HVAC professional. 

Ensure Proper Maintenance for the New Heating System

maintainingNo matter what kind of heater the home gets,  homeowners should remember the importance of proper maintenance. Like any other complex system, heaters need regular maintenance performed by trained professionals to ensure longevity and performance. When cared for properly with maintenance, the heater will keep the house warm more efficiently, with fewer repairs, lower utility bills, and a longer lifespan.

But if maintenance is skipped, it’s only a matter of time before the heater starts causing problems and losing efficiency. Maintenance also allows professionals to catch any issues before they turn into more costly problems. It’s good for homeowners to think of heater maintenance as caring for their investment. 

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