Is It a Slab Leak?

The Sitch on Underground Plumbing Leaks

Leaks can come in many forms and occur in different locations, from inside the walls of homes to outside below the grass. They can start from worn-out bolts where two pipes attach or cracks brought on by constant pressure. Finding the leak's location can be difficult, especially if that leak is oozing up from underground.  

If homeowners notice signs of a slab leak, they should immediately seek professional help. Slab leaks are serious, and if ignored, they can cost homeowners thousands in repairs. Not to mention the health side effects of leaks that aren’t taken care of. 

How to know if it Truly is a Slab Leakslab leak

Most homeowners understand the word foundation and how it gives a house a secure base. A slab is another form of foundation. It's usually a six-inch thick piece of concrete set directly against the ground. There are no crawl spaces, meaning all plumbing and pipes are placed underneath the slab. A slab leak happens when the pipes and plumbing become faulted due to their age, incorrect installation, or the ground's lack of stability.

Detection of a slab leak can be difficult without a trained eye, but there are some dead giveaways, such as:

  • Foundation movement
  • Cracks in the walls coming from the floor
  • Musty or foul odors in the home
  • Pooling water around the home
  • Unusually high water bills


Why Homeowners Need to Be Alert

Once the plumbing of either sewer or water begins to leak, it will immediately begin to damage the home’s foundation. This damage can lead to warped floors, cracking and peeling paint and wallpaper, and dead or muddy spots in the yard. If left untreated, the concrete can become compromised and split, thus, compromising the integrity of the structure on top of it. 

Burst or leaking plumbing can also cause mold and mildew growth. These fungi have major health side effects for homeowners and their families. Therefore, early detection and quick repair of suspicious water activity are crucial for the health of homeowners and the longevity of their homes.  


How to Fix the Leak 

After a potential foundation leak is detected, homeowners should call a professional to correctly diagnose the issue and its possible location. There are a series of different repair options, some more intrusive than others, based on the severity of the leak. 

The first option is to have a thin hose inserted into the defective pipe and spray a layer of epoxy throughout the inside to seal any cracks or soon-to-be problems. Another option would be to cut out the portion of corroded or worn out piping and replace it will a new one. 

Finally, the last, most expensive, and most invasive strategy would be to have the entire underside of the house repiped. Professionals hope homeowners call them before a leak escalates to that point because flooring would have to be removed, and the compromised concrete would have to be cleared out and replaced. 

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