Run From Allergies to Clean Air This Spring

Where some of us see the weather turning warm and the calendar turning into the months of Spring and feel happiness, some of us feel a little bit of trepidation. One group sees picnics and enjoying the outdoors while the other sees checking for pollen counts and worrying about dust in the air.

The former group is thinking about making sure that they have propane or charcoal for the first big barbecues of the weekend while the latter is worried about their supply of Benadryl and Flonase. Allergy sufferers see the oncoming warm weather and understand all the dust and pollen that comes in the air.

However, allergies can be a lot more insidious than that. Many people are sensitive to the seasonal allergens in the air and not even know it. Thankfully, some air quality maintenance around your house can help keep these symptoms down.

Identifying Seasonal Allergies

allergysymptomsThose people are who particularly sensitive to the allergens in the air absolutely know it and they have their tried and true remedies to combat it. Itchy and watery eyes, runny or stuffy (or both!) noses, cough, and fatigue are all common with seasonal allergies.

Those particularly sensitive can even face difficulty breathing, rashes or flare-ups of other respiratory problems like asthma. Not everyone is this sensitive, however... Many of us battle the inconvenient symptoms of a common cold and think we are just battling a bug.

Oftentimes, these are signs of sensitivity to seasonal allergies. These symptoms can include a lingering and mild headache, a minor cough or congestion and overall not feeling your best. There are methods to combat this problem in your house.

Clean Ducts Means Clean Lungs

homecleaningWhile it’s not something that needs to be done frequently, only every 3 to 5 years in a lot of instances, duct cleaning is often overlooked for far greater periods of time. However, the ducts are literally the conduit for the air that circulates in your house, both for heating and cooling.

Dirty ducts mean the potential for dust and allergen build up, meaning that when your HVAC system is going, it’s pumping those allergens through your house. Sure, medications and saline treatments can work to alleviate the symptoms of these allergies but duct cleaning will help treat the true root of the issue, keeping your air clean at the same time.

Allergies Can Get Worse Over Time

professionalservicesSince duct cleaning isn’t exactly a common DIY project, it’s something many people are hesitant to take on. However, using professional services to handle the duct cleaning will ensure that you have a steady supply of clean air, free from dust and pollen.

It’s worth noting that continued exposure to allergens can make the sensitivity increase over time, worsening symptoms to the point of needing medical attention. It’s certainly better to use the professional services of an HVAC professional than a doctor.

Thankfully, duct cleaning isn’t the only solution to alleviating these problems. HVAC professionals can also help with other solutions like maintaining the air filtration system or, for the very sensitive, installing air purification systems. For any concerns about your indoor air quality and scheduling routine maintenance, call the experts at PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air at (718) 720-4980 and they’ll make sure your home’s air quality is top notch.