Avoid Allergy Season

Improving Indoor Air Quality


As we continue trending towards Allergy Season, you can start to see that some of the annual symptoms may be coming back such as headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes, congestion etc. With the increasing pollen levels each day, your allergies are only expected to get worse.


Many people think Allergy Medication is the only thing to prevent Allergies during this season. WELL, that’s not true! Allergy Medication can be very co$tly and sometimes not even necessary. Just by improving the indoor air quality in your home can help relieve some of the annoying symptoms this time of year. Here are some tips to improve your indoor Air Quality.


  1. This is obvious BUT, avoid outdoors as much as you can! Pollen is a substance that can be easily trapped to your clothes, hair, skin etc. By limiting how much time you spend outside, this could help decrease your allergy problems. Also make sure to ALWAYS wash your hands after being outside! Removing any pollen from your body by showering and washing your hands will cause a MAJOR difference in the severity of your allergy symptoms.
  2. Make sure to get your HVAC equipment Tuned up and ready to go for the season! Sometimes your symptoms increase when your unit is full of dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, pollen and other pollutants. With a clean system, you can assure that your home will have a healthier air flow and less pollutants.
  3. Remove all the mold in your home! First found out why there is mold and where it’s coming from. Sometimes it can be cause from too much humidity or improper ventilation. If that is the case, then a dehumidifier will do the trick!
  4. Invest in a UV germicidal light for your unit. This is a great product because it will kill all the pollutants in your unit and it will cause you to live a longer and healthier life!
  5. Invest in an Air Filtration system or an Aprilaire whole house air cleaner and purification system!


Don’t wait until your symptoms are not tolerable! Call now before they get worse and improve the indoor air quality in your home!


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