Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Flooding in your basement is a huge disaster that nobody wants to deal with. Having a sump pump performing properly will avoid this. You may run into issues with your sump pump and that is why it’s important to install a battery backup sump pump system. It basically creates a safety net in case of a big storm. Here are some of the functions of a battery backup sump pump system:


  • It can provide pumping capability during power outages
  • It can also assist a functioning primary pump
  • They are used to supplement primary sump pumps
  • With a backup, you get several hours of protection from additional water


They are also very easy to install. Also unlike regular sump pumps, they still work even when there is no water supply. If the primary pump starts to fail, then the battery powered sump pump takes over and ejects water. The maintainer will keep the battery at full charge. They have high pumping capabilities and have the ability to last a long time.


Basically having a battery backup sump pump is very important. If your home is often a place for flooding or leaks, then this is the right product for you. Call P.A.C. now to avoid any flooding or other disasters that can ruin your home!