Causes of a Running Toilet and how to fix it!

Hearing a toilet constantly running can be one of the most irritating sounds you can hear. It’s a very annoying problem that can easily be fixed. Fact is, if your toilet is running all day every day, research shows it can waste up to 6,000 gallons of water per month! First Let’s look at the reasons for your running toilet!
1. Flapper- You may need to replace your flapper. This could be from the flapper being too old or perhaps it’s damaged. A simple flapper replacement can easily fix this problem.
2. Chain- Sometimes the chain in the back of the toilet is damaged or twisted up and this can be a cause for a running toilet. Sometime the chain may be to short and prevents the flapper from closing properly which causes water to flow into the toilet bowl. This can be resolved simply by adjusting or replacing the chain.
3. Worn out Seal- Sometimes an old seal at the bottom of the fill valve or overflow tube can cause water to leak into the toilet or at the bottom of it. A simple solution for this would be just to replace the worn-out seal.
4. Broken Fill Valve- A broken fill valve can cause a consistent flow of later which constantly will lead to refill cycles. Your fill valve is extremely important because it controls the flow of water into your toilet’s tank.
These are the most common reasons for your running toilet. Most of them are not too difficult to fix and can be done in a timely fashion. If you need help, we’re here to help all of your plumbing needs. Call P.A.C. today to help fix your running toilet, eliminate that annoying noise, and save yourself some money!

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