How A Backflow Preventer will protect your water

Having a Backflow Preventer is extremely beneficial to the water in your home.  Your water supply in your home Is kept at a high pressure so water will easily come out of any tap in your home.

When it comes to sewage system they are not pressurized, and if anything happens to increase the pressure of the exit drain or decrease your water supply pressure, this can cause backflow.

According to research, there are almost 10,000 reported case of backflow contamination each year and this could be extremely harmful to you and your family. In some cases, the contamination can lead to fatalities if it’s major.

Paul says the best way to stop this issue is by installing a Backflow Prevention Device.  A backflow preventer is a device that’s installed on your home’s water pipes that allows water to flow in one direction. Basically, the sole job is to prevent your drinking water from being contaminated to any type of backflow. There are two types of Backflow Preventer devices. They are:

  • Air Gap- it’s a simple device between open space that would connect to a plumbing system. Basically, it is placed anywhere that large amounts of water can collect or pile up
  • The other type of device is a Specialized Backflow Preventer Valve. Only a licensed plumber would know where to install this valve because it is installed in a strategic place that the plumber knows contamination is entering your water pipes.


If you want to keep your family safe, then the importance of Backflow Preventer is extremely important. It allows the water to flow safely through your house without contaminants or pollutants affecting your family. Getting your Backflow checked at least once a year by a licensed professional will also ensure that everything is functioning properly and that there are no contaminants. Many people don’t realize the importance of the preventer, but they don’t realize what kind of damage these contaminants and pollutants can do to your body.


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