How to Clean Your Sump Pump


Testing and Cleaning your sump pump once or twice a year isn’t hard, but it’s vital to the safety and overall health of your home.  Sump pumps remove the excess water from storm drainage and safely moves the water into your sanitary piping system.  By testing and checking once a year you could save yourself thousands of dollars and huge headaches.  I dare you to Google “sump pump fail” and look at the images.  Follow these steps and you may avoid those situations.


Step 1- Unplug the pump from the power source.

Step 2- Disconnect your pump from the discharge pipe.  Typically you will need a 5/16” nut driver to do this.

Step 3- Put your sump pump into a leak proof plastic bag and bring it outside.  Use a garden hose to rinse off all the gunk and dirt.  For those tough spots use a putty knife.

Step 4- Drain the water from your check valve by disconnecting it and rinsing it.  A wet vac can be used to clean up the excess water and debris in the sump pit.

Step 5- Put your pump back in the pit, hook it back up to the discharge piping and plug it back into the power source.

Step 6- Test your pump by putting a 5 gallon bucket of water into your sump pit and check for operation and leaks.


P.S. Putting a wifi leak detection device next to your sump pump pit isn’t a bad idea.


If you would like to learn more or need help with cleaning or testing your pump.  Give us a call at 718-720-4980.