How to Prepare your home for Thanksgiving

It’s the holiday season! On behalf of P.A.C., we’d like to wish everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving! When hosting a big event like Thanksgiving, you want to make sure you’re house is comfortable and the plumbing functions correctly. Food will be prepared, dishes will be washed, and fun times await. Don’t let leaking pipes, clogged drains, or a broken heating system ruin your big day.
Here are some important Plumbing Tips to prepare for Thanksgiving
• Make sure your toilets are flushing. You want to make sure that there is no blockage. A clogged toilet is the last thing you need after a Thanksgiving Dinner.
• Use BioOne to clean and maintain your drains. You are going to be using your sinks a lot during the holidays, so you want to make sure your drains are clean and ready to go. By using the environmental friendly BioOne, you can ensure that your drains will flow smoothly, and you will not be using any harmful chemicals.
• If you can’t grab your hands on a bottle of BioOne (which you really should by the way), I recommend using natural chemicals for your drain cleaning such as baking soda, salt, vinegar etc. If a problem is still occurring, then you will need to call P.A.C. for a drain snaking

Here are some Important Heating Tips to prepare for Thanksgiving
• First thing you should do and should have done by now is have your heat tuned up. Get your Furnace or Boiler cleaned out, take out all the debris, put in a brand-new filter and you should be ready to go for the season. By completing a tune up, your system will run more efficiently, and it will save energy.
• Clean your Air Ducts. By doing a duct cleaning, you are eliminating any clogs and you will allow air to distribute easier throughout your home. This will also lead to decreased energy bills because the system will be running more efficiently.
• If it is extremely cold out and your heat isn’t working, then it is highly recommended you request emergency service from P.A.C. to fix the problem!

The Holidays are a great time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. If you don’t properly take care of your home before, it can cause a major disaster for everyone. Call P.A.C. for all of your Plumbing and Heating needs!

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