Preventing Carbon Monoxide from your Heating System

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly chemical that can put you and your family at risk. There are ways to prevent it from entering your home but it is important to recognize the dangers of it first.  Carbon monoxide poisoning is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas but it could potentially damage your health. If anyone is suspected of having Carbon Monoxide poisoning, they need immediate medical care because it can be life threatening.

According to research, the most common cause of a carbon monoxide leak is a failed or leaking heat exchanger in your gas or oil furnace. Carbon Monoxide can be caused by inhaling combustion fumes. Having a gas furnace can cause an excess of Carbon Monoxide in your home. This can come from your heating and air conditioning system because of the aging and corrosion of the unit. The corrosion in the unit will cause cracks and holes in the burner which eventually releases carbon monoxide.

When you have your annual tune up, our P.A.C. technician will be able to find the problem and resolve the issue. Having your heating and air conditioning system cleaned is extremely important. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is a must to protect you and your family.  If you do not own a carbon monoxide detector, you must get one ASAP, as this could one day save your life. It is recommended you try to put the detector near your furnace system to detect any poisonous chemicals right away. If chemicals like these are released, you are putting your entire family at risk. Call P.A.C. now to ensure your safety!