Replacing your furnace and ac at the same time?

Should you replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time? This is a question homeowners often ask when replacing their equipment. The quick answer is that it honestly depends on many factors.

The major factor is the age of the unit. If both the furnace and ac are over 10-15 years old, then it's highly recommended you switch them out together. In general, furnaces usually last longer than AC systems. If you decide to replace your Air Conditioner without replacing your furnace, this can cause an issue in your system because of the efficiency.

If you install a high efficiency air conditioner or just higher than your old one, you are using a mismatched system and this will impact the efficiency of your unit. Your furnace has an older blower motor and the blower is used to produce the airflow through your evaporator coil and heat exchanger . The AC system will need to use the blower motor and not having a newer one will cause issues with your system. It may even cause the furnace to not operate correctly.

Another reason to replace both at the same time is for installation complications and financial reasons. If the full system swap is a complicated installation, you are going to want to do this all together instead of having to rip out your equipment multiple times.

Also the major financial benefit is that replacing your entire system together will be a lower cost than just replacing one part of your system at a time.

The only reason we say it depends on whether it's a good idea is sometimes the age of the equipment doesn't match up. For example, if your AC system is over 15 years old but you have a furnace that is under 10 years old it is not necessary to replace both pieces of equipment.

It all depends on what will help your system run the most efficiently. We recommend having one of our HVAC experts come to your home in order to give you the proper evaluation of your system in order to maximize your system's effiiciency and ultimately extend the life of it. We want to serve our PAC family at the highest level!

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