Winter is coming! Are you prepared?

Winter is coming! At PAC Home services, we want to make sure your home is ready for it. It’s important to keep your family safe throughout the winter.

Here are some helpful tips to protect your home during the winter

  1. Call Paul for a heating checkup- Maintaining your equipment is the key to it working properly and lasting longer. We recommend you service your heating system once annually to ensure everything is up to date. The last thing you want is a breakdown in your system in the dead of winter
  2. Check the batteries on your thermostat and carbon monoxide detector- Many times when these items stop functioning, it can be because of a simple battery switch out. Change them before the season starts to ensure you don’t experience any issues.
  3. Change your filters- Paul recommends you change your filter on a monthly basis. A dirty filter will cause your HVAC system to work a lot harder because of a decreased air flow.
  4. Keep your exhaust vents clear – A lot of times during the winter your outside vents could be full of snow or ice from accumulation. Make sure they are clear to avoid any other issues.

It’s recommended you have a service contract with a top HVAC company to come out annually and protect your equipment form future breakdowns.


For just $19.99 a month, you can become a member of the P.A.C family. We will come out annually to check your equipment and keep you and your family safe during the cold winter.

Replacing your furnace and ac at the same time?

Should you replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time? This is a question homeowners often ask when replacing their equipment. The quick answer is that it honestly depends on many factors.

The major factor is the age of the unit. If both the furnace and ac are over 10-15 years old, then it's highly recommended you switch them out together. In general, furnaces usually last longer than AC systems. If you decide to replace your Air Conditioner without replacing your furnace, this can cause an issue in your system because of the efficiency.

If you install a high efficiency air conditioner or just higher than your old one, you are using a mismatched system and this will impact the efficiency of your unit. Your furnace has an older blower motor and the blower is used to produce the airflow through your evaporator coil and heat exchanger . The AC system will need to use the blower motor and not having a newer one will cause issues with your system. It may even cause the furnace to not operate correctly.

Another reason to replace both at the same time is for installation complications and financial reasons. If the full system swap is a complicated installation, you are going to want to do this all together instead of having to rip out your equipment multiple times.

Also the major financial benefit is that replacing your entire system together will be a lower cost than just replacing one part of your system at a time.

The only reason we say it depends on whether it's a good idea is sometimes the age of the equipment doesn't match up. For example, if your AC system is over 15 years old but you have a furnace that is under 10 years old it is not necessary to replace both pieces of equipment.

It all depends on what will help your system run the most efficiently. We recommend having one of our HVAC experts come to your home in order to give you the proper evaluation of your system in order to maximize your system's effiiciency and ultimately extend the life of it. We want to serve our PAC family at the highest level!

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Watch out for Carbon Monoxide in your Furnace!

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly chemical that can put you and your family at risk. There are ways to prevent it from entering your home but it is important to recognize the dangers of it first.  Carbon monoxide poisoning is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas but it could potentially damage your health. If anyone is suspected of having Carbon Monoxide poisoning, they need immediate medical care because it can be life threatening. How can this affect your furnace?

According to research, the most common cause of a carbon monoxide leak is a failed or leaking heat exchanger in your gas furnace. Carbon Monoxide can be caused by inhaling combustion fumes. Having a gas furnace can cause an excess of Carbon Monoxide in your home. This can come from your heating and air conditioning system because of the aging and corrosion of the unit. The corrosion in the unit will cause cracks and holes in the burner which eventually releases carbon monoxide.

Having an annual checkup by P.A.C. will help keep your family safe and prevent further issues with your Heating System. Another important tip is to make sure you install a carbon monoxide detector! If you do not own a carbon monoxide detector, you must get one ASAP, as this could one day save your life.

It is recommended you try to put the detector near your furnace system to detect any poisonous chemicals right away. If chemicals like these are released, you are putting your entire family at risk. Call Paul NOW to ensure your safety!

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Protect your family from COVID-19 with a UV Light!

With the rapid spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States, the world is on high alert to try and find solutions that can stop the spreading and destroy the viruses.


The UV light is a safe and effective way to stop the spread of Viruses.  Each day in the world you and your family bring different germs, viruses or other bacteria into your home.


According to the Field report, a Certain spectrum of UV light-UVC-has been proven to kill airborne viruses and it does so in a manner that presents no risk to humans. A study conducted by a group of scientists found that UVC had the ability to kill flu viruses when placed in germ-sensitive places like hospitals, airports and schools.


By introducing UV light into your airflow and ventilation systems, you will be better prepared to protect yourself from these harmful viruses. completed multiple independent lab tests to verify how the UV Light effected viruses and germs and they found out that it reduced test bacteria by 90% within 30 minutes!


Protect your family today with a UV light! Call Paul today and get $100 off your UV light!

Heat Trace

It’s been a very cold winter so far and it’s important to make sure that your pipes can withstand the cold. That’s why it is extremely important for Heat Tracing. Heat tracing is used to maintain the temperature of Pipes.  The electric heating is achieved by using a resistant element that runs alongside the piping.  Trace Heating becomes an electrical heating element that runs in physical contact along the length of the pipe. That pipe is usually covered with thermals insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe. Heat Tracing is used to protect pipes from freezing and to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems.

The primary function of heat trace cable systems Is to prevent freezing within water pipes and to prevent pipes from bursting. By maintain a certain temperature in the pipes, this will ensure that frost cannot build up and these pipes will freeze. Heat Tracing also provides heat maintenance and heat recovery in the process as well.  Self-regulating heating tape adjusts heat output to equal the amount of heat lost from the pipe work. Thermal insulation is also recommended on all types of heat trace applications. Without any insulation for the pipes, surface heat can approximately increase about 4-5 times.

Heat Tracing is extremely important this time of year. Industrial heat trace cables maintain the temperature of non-flowing fluids by replacing the heat lost through the thermal insulation on pipes, vessels and other equipment. We hit a very cold period from late December to early January, and many people had pipes that were not ready for that type of weather. Make sure this time around you are protected and don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for repairs. Call P.A.C. today to protect your pipes from busting or freezing!!

Want to protect your equipment during this harsh winter? Become a member of Paul’s Home Care Club and we will make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency! During our Winter Checkup visit, we will make sure your Heating System and all of your plumbing (including your HWH) is working properly.

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