Heat Trace

It’s been a very cold winter so far and it’s important to make sure that your pipes can withstand the cold. That’s why it is extremely important for Heat Tracing. Heat tracing is used to maintain the temperature of Pipes.  The electric heating is achieved by using a resistant element that runs alongside the piping.  Trace Heating becomes an electrical heating element that runs in physical contact along the length of the pipe. That pipe is usually covered with thermals insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe. Heat Tracing is used to protect pipes from freezing and to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems.

The primary function of heat trace cable systems Is to prevent freezing within water pipes and to prevent pipes from bursting. By maintain a certain temperature in the pipes, this will ensure that frost cannot build up and these pipes will freeze. Heat Tracing also provides heat maintenance and heat recovery in the process as well.  Self-regulating heating tape adjusts heat output to equal the amount of heat lost from the pipe work. Thermal insulation is also recommended on all types of heat trace applications. Without any insulation for the pipes, surface heat can approximately increase about 4-5 times.

Heat Tracing is extremely important this time of year. Industrial heat trace cables maintain the temperature of non-flowing fluids by replacing the heat lost through the thermal insulation on pipes, vessels and other equipment. We hit a very cold period from late December to early January, and many people had pipes that were not ready for that type of weather. Make sure this time around you are protected and don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for repairs. Call P.A.C. today to protect your pipes from busting or freezing!!

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