Signs of a Hidden Water Leak in your Home

This week Paul wants you to look out for possible signs of a water leak in your home! Whether the leak is coming from your pipes or one of your plumbing fixtures, there are necessary signs to know if you have a leak regardless of the area!


  • If the leak is inside your home, chances are you will start to smell an odor of Mildew caused by mold growing in places that aren’t visible. Chances are if you smell mildew in your home, it will be because of a water leak somewhere in your home even if it’s not visible.
  • Is there a specific area in your house that is constantly wet but shouldn’t be? That’s because of a leak as well. Sometimes when you have a leak in your house, your carpet could start to develop some wet spots. If a pipe in your house begins to leak, you could potentially see water stains on your walls or ceilings.
  • Sometimes you can hear the leak in your pipes or constantly hear the drip under the sink. If you start to hear any unusual noises in your plumbing system, Call Paul to get it checked out.
  • If you receive your water bill and it’s A LOT higher than normal, there is a likelihood of a possible leak.

Water Leaks can be expensive and very tough to handle. They can completely damage a home if not handled properly.


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