Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer & Avoid AC Emergencies

Ahh, the summertime weather has arrived once again! We feel the humidity creeping into our homes, and we start to rely on our air conditioning units more than ever! Most of us are ready to adjust the thermostat and enjoy the cool, right? Well, not always!

We know a lot of you have been in this situation. You set your air conditioner at an optimal temperature, and welcome the dog days of summer...but you’re still hot? Time for the checklist: Did I close all my windows and doors? Yep! Did I pay my bill? Yes, I most assuredly did! Did I actually turn the unit on? Why yes, I have!

Well, what gives!?

The sad reality is you are now faced with a non-working AC unit. This can mean trouble; especially when you have no idea what the problem is? Not to worry, however, we are here to help! Below, we have outlined the most common reasons your air conditioning unit may not be working.

How Low Refrigerant Adds to The Problem

lowrefrigerantRefrigerant is a must-have for your AC unit. Without it, your air conditioner will not work. Your refrigerant is located inside the coils of your air conditioner.

It is a liquid that essentially cools and dehumidifies the air in your home. This works the same in a refrigerator. Both units are useless without it. There are two common problems associated with low refrigerant.

You may just be low, and need to have it refilled. A quick way to identify low refrigerant is by checking to see if the line has ice on it, but it is important to note that this could be another issue altogether so it’s wise to seek professional help.

The second common problem could be a refrigerant (also called Freon) leak. If you’re experiencing a leak, adding more refrigerant will not solve anything. When it comes to a leak or just low freon, it’s important to have a professional assist you.

The Importance of Keeping Your Unit Clean

In some cases, it may be a simple case of the unit not being cleaned and maintained properly. When it comes to the major appliances in our home, we can tend to make a mountain out of a molehill when they are not working!

It is very important that your AC unit, whether inside or outside, is cleaned properly; otherwise, the unit can malfunction. The most common issue you will face is a dirty air filter.

When an air filter is not cleaned properly, it can cause the airflow to be restricted. This will cause a build-up of pressure that not only reduces the amount of cool air being circulated but can cause other more serious issues!

dirtyunitOther problems that can arise are:

  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Poor air quality in your home
  • Added dust
  • Higher energy bills due to short cycling

There are other issues as well, but these are the most common problems. Though the answer may be as simple as your AC unit is dirty, the solution can be more complicated depending on how severe the problem is. Just as we mentioned above, relying on a professional to diagnose problems is your best bet!

Improper Installation

badinstallationIt’s sad to say that you could also potentially be dealing with an improper installation of your air conditioning unit.

Though we can’t relate, we can sympathize with those who have a brand new HVAC unit in place, but are still dealing with hot temperatures in their homes!

Finding out your hard-earned money was misspent on shotty installation is not okay, and we want to reiterate the necessity of working with a reputable HVAC contractor! We never like to hear about a new HVAC system being installed, yet you are still hot! This is why we are committed to providing the best service available!

Work With PAC

At PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning we have seen the Staten Island temperatures rise consistently! We also understand that a non-working AC is an annoyance and an unfortunate disruption to your daily life.

That is why we are here to help! Whether you need a new installation, repair, or just a general inspection, we are here for you! Our friendly experts will give you accurate solutions to get your home back to your optimal temperature this summer.