Why does my A/C keep freezing up?


Notice your Air Conditioning unit has been freezing lately? Well Paul has a few reasons on this issue is occurring! Here is a list of why you’re A/C unit is freezing:


  • Air Conditioners often freeze up due to restricted air flow. You may need to change your air filter and allow your unit to defrost
  • Check the evaporator coil. Sometimes if you have a dirty coil, it could restrict the air flow causing your unit to freeze up
  • Take a look at your ductwork, registers, vents etc. Make sure that everything is clean and nothing is restricting the air flow.
  • One of the biggest reasons could mean your unit is low on refrigerant. This is something that could cause a LONGTERM issue. If you are having to constantly put Freon in your unit than you have a leak somewhere in it.

If you do have a leak in the unit, Call Paul and have a leak search performed. Depending on how bad the leak is, this could be very co$tly for you. It would be better at that point financial wise to just replace the unit.


If the leak is worse than expected, schedule a Free Consultation with one of our Service Experts for a new HVAC unit.


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