Do you have Instant hot water?

It’s a very common issue to turn on your kitchen faucet or shower and notice it takes a long time to get the water to be hot.  In larger homes, you can be waiting for minutes before feeling the water get warm.  If this is something you’re experiencing, a dedicated Return Line Piping and a Circulator Pump is the solution to your issue.

The best way to get hot water to your fixtures faster, is installing a Hot Water Return line.  The Return Line is a pipe that connects from the end of your hot water pipe and returns back to your water heater with a circulator pump.  Return Lines are now code among NYC residents with a hot water pipe span longer than 20’ of developed length.  The Circulator pump allows for hot water to circulate through the system, so the water doesn't stay stagnate and get cold in your pipe.  Without a return line and circulator pump, you’re grabbing the closest available water supply from your piping system.  That’s why your water is not instantly hot.

Luckily, a lot of homes can fix their delayed hot water problem easily by adding the hot water return line and circulator pump.  Some however, do not have existing return piping and there is no way to install one without a major renovation.  A point of use circulator pump sits under your sink and will pull hot water through your system to ensure you have instantaneous hot water.

Return lines and circulator pumps are energy efficient, saves water, and saves energy by not making your water heater work as hard.  If you’re suffering from delayed hot water or would like to get more information about return lines and circulator pumps, call us today 718-720-4980.