Gas Shutdowns!

Since 2015, the Department of Buildings has told the Gas Companies (National Grid and Con Edison) to hold stricter standards and procedures when inspecting homes.  Recently, we have had many customers call us because the gas company has shut them down due to gas piping not up to code or because of small gas leaks.  The correction process could take up to several months to get fixed all the while you are WITHOUT GAS!  No heating, no cooking, and NO HOT WATER! To prevent this from happening to you, BE PROACTIVE! Call us for a free evaluation and receive a free visual inspection, if you require one.

If National Grid does shut you down, here are the steps below that you should take:

  • Call a Licensed Plumber
  • The plumber will file the proper emergency permits so they can do the repair work
  • After the emergency permits are approved The Licensed Plumber will do a gas test and try to find the gas leak.
  • Once the repair work is done, you can call National Grid to come out and turn your gas back on.
  • The Licensed Plumber will perform necessary inspections in front of the Department of Buildings inspector after which they will close out the permit.


If you smell any sort of Gas you need to call P.A.C. immediately. We will send someone out there ASAP. This would avert any potential disaster in your home. P.A.C. will remove any sort of violations you have and make sure all the gas piping is up to date.