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HVAC UV lights are very effective for furnaces. They do a great job of eliminating mold that could possibly grow inside the air handler. Any sort of mold near the UV bulb will be killed and this will ensure the unit performs efficiently and mold free. Without a UV light, restricted airflow can cause an increased energy consumption of the fan motor that circulates the air because it must push harder to force the air through the restricted evaporator coil. Installing the UV light will ultimately, eliminate the buildup and increase efficiency.

The Installation of the UV lights are relatively fundamental and quick. A stronger magnet attaches with the UV light mount to the inside of the air handler and the 24-volt ballast is wired directly into the air handler UV light bulbs typically should be changed annually especially during summer time, so they are at peak performance during the hot weather.

The two types of HVAC UV lights are

  • Air Sterilization- It sterilizes the moving air. It is installed in the return air duct and cycles on with the air handler blower.
  • Coil Sterilization- This is installed inside the return air duct near the sterilizes the coil. It runs 24/7 and is the most popular type of HVAC UV light.

They save Energy costs, higher efficiency, easy to maintain and improve air quality. Why wait? Learn more by calling P.A.C. Today!


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