Why is Natural Gas Heating better than Oil Heating?

Have you every considered converting your home from oil to natural gas? There are many benefits for the oil to gas conversion. P.A.C. makes it an easy process for you and it will save you money in the long run! Here are the simple reasons why everyone is converting from Oil Heat to Natural Gas Heat.


  • Economically Efficiency –
  • Environmentally Clean –
  • More Affordable Maintenance –
  • Increase Resale Value of your home -
  • Safety -
  • Save Room -
  • Never Run out of Fuel -


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One thought on “Why is Natural Gas Heating better than Oil Heating?

  • Nice!Great topic to choose. Simply upgrading the furnace will increase their efficiency. Both new gas and new oil furnaces have high efficiencies. However, heating oil burns hotter than natural gas.

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