Tankless over a Tank?

Hey, it’s Paul and I’m here to tell you why Tankless Water Heaters are the way to go!

How does a Tankless Water Heater Work? It’s actually very simple.  The major difference between a Regular Tank Water Heater vs. a Tankless is the fact the Tankless heaters will only heat water when its needed and by doing so this eliminates the need for a storage tank, and the need to have standing water sitting in the tank.

Tankless Water Heaters never run out of hot water. They are more efficient and take up a lot of less space! They are usually installed on walls (see picture above).

The $savings is great as well! By switching to a Tankless Water Heater, you can shave as much as 20 percent from your water heating bill. Yes, the initial cost is High and a lot more than a Tank Heater, but in the long run you are Saving money and many of these Tankless units are eligible for a federal tax rebate of about $300!

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